Darmaduman (S01E06)


Ece can't get over the effect of her unforgettable night. All households, especially Harun and Beliz, wonder why Ece has become like this. Harun and Kerem are sure that Yağız is the one who put Ece in this state. Harun and Kerem go to school to confront Yağız. Evren is in deep regret. He wants to talk to Ece, but Ece doesn't want to see Evren's face.

Derin, on the other hand, decides to bow to her father's request and go abroad. Learning this, Kerem does his best to confront Derin with his fears and turn her from her decision. Evren, on the other hand, is overwhelmed by the constant interference of Yağız while grappling with regrets. Both of them will take their anger out on each other, but news at the last moment turns the whole world of Yağız upside down.