Darmaduman (S01E04)


While Kerem is devastated by what Yagiz said, Ece has feelings of gratitude towards Evren who saved her. Meanwhile, Evren pays heavily for his actions to protect Ece. Returning home with mixed feelings, the twins still cling to the strict rules of their grandfather's house. This time it is Harun's reaction that surprises them. Derin's move to make up for her mistake causes Yağız to get nervous. In the meantime, Evren takes a short, sweet trip that will relax and make him happy. Feeling bad for what she did, Derin opens up to Kerem with all his truth. Harun and Beliz continue their efforts to find a job as soon as possible. Kerem, who wants to teach Yağız one last lesson with all his anger, cooperates with Evren. The counterattack from Yağız's front will give Derin a hard time. This will be the beginning of a new close friendship. While Yağız is shocked by the "work" of Kerem and Evren, Derin, who returns home happy, encounters an unexpected surprise...