Bir Küçük Gün Işığı


Because of Yasemin's words, Elif begins to think that Fırat is not Cemil's own son. She is determined not to say anything to Fırat without being sure, even if it is a possibility.  Elif starts researching and when she hears the meeting story she heard from Cemil from Ümran, she realizes that there are different stories.
When Fırat's own father finds the letter that Kenan left, his suspicions increase and he confronts Ümran.

Meanwhile, Fulya and Alper come to the brink of separation after getting married, contradicting the life they want to live. Gülümser and Eşref get involved. On the way they set out to reconcile, this time they contradict and fight.

Dila meets someone new and twists the truth about herself to be close to the man.

Yasemin sees that Ümran is mixing a spice in Cemil's food, while trying to prevent him, she confronts Ümran. Umran traps Yasemin and silences her. Elif realizes this and decides to tell Fırat the truth, that her real father is not Cemil.