Bir Küçük Gün Işığı


It's critical hours for Elif to survive.  With the prayers of Fırqt, the prayers of Güneş and the giving of Dila's blood, Elif gets through the critical hours. After being brought home from the hospital, Ümran's behavior towards Elif changes completely. Now he starts to see her with a different eye and sees her as his daughter.

Fırat learns that Sude is the new partner of the company with Feraye's shares. Alper realizes that life is very short, and he proposes marriage to Fulya.  

Elif and Fırat become the girls' side at the request ceremony. Eşref's work goes uphill, causing him to have fun moments.

Dila also takes a step towards Elif, and the ice between them slowly begins to melt. Just as the resentments are forgotten and a sponge is drawn to the past, Elif learns that the family will fall into pieces. Now, more difficult days await Elif.