Bir Küçük Gün Işığı


Elif has been taken out of the water, but Dila is still among the violent waters of the Black Sea. Fırat is in charge of the teams day and night.  While Güneş worries about Dila, she tries to cope with this trauma. Elif and Firat take her to the psychologist. Search teams stop their work, now it is impossible to find Dila unharmed. The family is devastated that Dila appears.  During this time, she received a report that she was healthy, and she wants the custody of Güneş.  Elif is determined not to give Güneş to Dila. However, Dila got strong support behind her.

In return for Dila's shares in the company, Feraye will ensure that she gets custody. Ümran also learned the location of Feraye's weak point, her mother. While Ümran thinks she has cornered Feraye, Feraye makes a move that Ümran cannot imagine. While Dila goes against Güneş and triggers her traumas, Elif decides to put an end to it at all costs.