Bir Küçük Gün Işığı


Elif realizes that the flower she saw on Feraye's desk was not sent by Firat. Feraye can't make Elif fall into her trap. While Firat goes after the mole in the company, Elif goes after Feraye with Fulya. Elif soon learns why Feraye is so angry with the Ayaz Family. The cause of all the pain that Feraye suffers is none other than Ümran.

Ümran, on the other hand, can no longer bear Cemil's threatening her. She finds a very special plant for him and starts to poison him day by day with the sap that comes out of its leaf.

Güneş' dance show is poisoned with the intervention of Dila. While Ümran accuses Cemil of giving face "hope" to Dila, Cemil confesses that he knows that Dila Can't be a mother. Hearing this, Dila is devastated. Now it's time for one last show. When Dila was on the edge of the cliff with Güneş, she says that she prepared this show for Elif and asks her to come alone to watch.