Bir Küçük Gün Işığı


Elif wants to believe Firat about Feraye, but the traces Feraye leaves behind on purpose make it difficult for her to believe.

When Elif sees the earrings she found at the farm in Feraye's ear, she realizes that she have met with Firat again.

While Firat is trying to explain Elif that there is nothing between him and Feraya, Elif seems as if she doesn't care, but inside she's going crazy with jealousy.Cemil promises Dila that she will take custody of Güneş. But first, Ümran has to be discredited by Firat.

Ümran, on the other hand has seized the confession that Cemil gave to the lawyer.While Ümran has Cemil stuck in the corner, Cemil makes a move that she never expected.Elif finally meets her boss. Feraye is Elif's new boss and has prepared an encounter that will turn her world upside down.