Bir Küçük Gün Işığı


Elif and Firat arrive at the mansion just in time.

Ümran tried to kill Cemil, but Cemil held on to life tightly.

Cemil wakes up and starts to get better.

Elif confronts Ümran, but Ümran denies everything she confessed.

Elif tries to talk to Cemil and reveal the truth, but Cemil also takes the side of Ümran.

As Elif claims that the Ayaz Family is hiding something from Fırat, Firat distances himself from her.

Firat decides to stay at the farm for a while so as not to argue with Elif.

Elif realizes that she has been too hard on Firat, she wants to go to the farm and take care of her love, but there's another woman next to Firat.