Bir Küçük Gün Işığı


The custody decision that Elif is anxiously waiting for turns out to be in Dila's favour. Elif and Güneş have only the last few days to spend together. Meanwhile, Feraye asks Ümran for her shares. Umran is in danger of going to jail, but she still doesn't tell Fırat anything. Güneş does not want to go with Dila. Elif is helpless. Dila doesn't even send her to daycare so that she doesn't meet with Elif, not after she gets Güneş.  Elif pushes all the limits to see Güneş. In the end, she decides to complain about Dila and change her expression. She will tell the truth that Dila tried to kill her on the cliff.  While Ümran and Cemil vomit anger at Elif, Firat stands behind her.  Ümran is unaware that Elif is the one who will untie this knot, while she is cornered by the pressure of Feraye on the one hand and Cemil on the other.