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Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam


Leyla enters prison to stand trial on remand, but good days do not await her inside. A woman named Töze in the ward starts to harass her from the very first day. Cezayir thinks that Erman or Gedikali, whom he hired, is the one who planted drugs in Leyla's warehouse. He immediately takes action to prove his wife's innocence. 

Erman's priority is to save Taziyev from Atakan. With the help of Müfit, he learns the information about Tazıyev's transfer to prison and plans to attack the convoy. On the other hand, Gülcan, who fights with her father once again, decides to return to America for good. But first, she takes a file about Gardaşov's brother from Erman's safe and brings it to the man she loves. When Gardaşov looks at the file, he realizes that Gülcan has done him a great favor. The file contains the location of the CIA facility where his brother is being held.

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