Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam


In the intervening period of a year, Cezayir Türk has gathered 5 big arms dealers to form a partnership called "Dayılar Masası" and put his nephew Ateş at its head. Now, with his hands off the business, he lives a quiet life in his hometown with his wife Leyla and his family.

However, his new enemies, who he does not know who they are, do not leave him alone. First, his ship, loaded with weapons, is attacked and hijacked in the Mediterranean. Then, the same enemies seek him out and want to kill him, too. After surviving the attack, Cezayir learns from his old friend Atakan who their new enemy is. 

This enemy is an international consortium called "Allies," which is disturbed by Turkey's Blue Homeland policy and the fact that Turkey is one of the countries that exports the most weapons. They set up a similar organization to the Uncle's Table and launched an attack together with their local collaborators. And this time their target is not only Algeria, but also Turkey.

Cezayir tells Leyla that he has retired and is out of the business, and Cezayir knows very well what he has to do. But this will also cause a rift between him, Leyla, and her daughter Suna.

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