Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam


When Leyla starts to get better, she is taken home for security reasons. Cezayir pours his heart out to Firuze and tells her his experiences. Firuze also treats him very understandingly. Having learned that the perpetrator of the cemetery raid was Ayıboğan Yakup, Kurban Baba's sons and Ömer Asaf raid one of Yakup's warehouses. However, they cannot find Yakup. George Bagnall tells Orhan about the USA's Middle East policy and gives him a new task. When Cezayir goes home to see Leyla, she encounters an unexpected reaction. Ömer Asaf does not approve of this attitude of his sister Leyla. Leyla also argues with Gülendam. Cezayir and his men raid Yakup's farm, but Yakup still manages to escape from them. By arranging a meeting, Cezayir brings together the entire underground world of Istanbul and demands allegiance to him. The answer of the majority, including Asım Kaptan, is in a way that Cezayir did not expect. Ayıboğan Yakup goes to Cezayir and says he wants to cooperate. However, he is unaware of what will happen to him. Azamet and Ömer Asaf are interrogated by Atakan President. Firuze's mother Elmas visits Gülendam and leaves her a small gift that will cause a stir in the family. When Cezayir wants to talk to Suna, her daughter reacts in a way that no one can imagine and pulls a gun on her father.