Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam


Azra denies her connection to Kayıkçıyla in the line of tension between Cezayir and Ateş. Algiers releases Azra with a secret plan that he does not tell anyone. He sends Ateş to Azra's house and watches as everything is examined. Among the files from Azra's house, he comes across a surprise photograph. Cezayir starts to think about the possibility that the person in the photograph might be Kayıkçı.
Tatavlalı learns that Orhan is dead. He puts the blame on him to put Cezayir in a difficult situation. When Orhan's death is revealed, Melike and Azamet are in a difficult situation. In order to get out of this situation, they take a risky decision about their lives and embark on an irreversible path.
Tatavlalı assigns Mişon to smuggle his ill-gotten money abroad. When Tatavlalı realizes that the money has not arrived, he realizes that Mishon is moving with Cezayir. Tatavlalı goes on a raid to save his money and finds something more valuable instead.
Realizing that his daughter is in a difficult situation, Kayıkçı goes on the counterattack and reaches Leyla in ways that no one can predict. 
Who is the person Cezayir sees in the photograph? What is the more valuable thing Tatavlalı finds instead of money? What is the decision Melike and Azamet make about their lives? Will the Kayıkçı harm Leyla?

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