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Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam


Gülendam confronts Cezayir and has a tough talk with her son to disperse the dark clouds over the family. He asks Algeria to hold accountable those who made his family suffer this pain. Upon this speech, Cezayir convenes the assembly and announces his decision to defeat its enemies.
Ateş takes Azamet with him and takes action to track down the boatman, who is unaware of Cezayir. At the end of the road they entered under the secret guidance of Kayıkçı, Ateş, and Azamet receive a message that will shake Cezayir and its family.
Ekabir tells Tito that the person who ordered his family's death was from Tatavla. Tito goes after Tatavlali to get his revenge. When Cezayir also decides to take revenge on Tatavlalı, Cezayir comes face to face with Tito and Tatavlalı at one point.
Leyla is disturbed by the fact that Firuze is at Gülendam's house to support Canan. On top of this situation, Firuze's patience to organize an event in Leyla's gallery wears her out.
What are the decisions taken by Cezayir in the parliament? What is the message of the boatman that will shake Cezayir and his family? What does Leyla plan to do to get rid of Firuze's presence around her?