Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam


Cezayir is torn between his family and homeland while making a difficult decision about the betrayal. In the end, he makes his decision, albeit difficult.
Tatavlalı seizes Cezayir's secrets and receives the call he expects as a reward, and begins to negotiate with an international organization that aims to destroy Algeria and its system.
The life of Jean Luc, who was taken to the hospital with an injury, is entrusted to Firuze, whom he knows as a mortal enemy. When Jean Luc sobers up, instead of being grateful to Firuze, he tries to corner Firuze about her past.
Firuze's hopes for Cezayir are destroyed when she sees Cezayir in the family picture with Suna and Leyla. Despite this, Firuze extends an olive branch to Leyla as they are both children of Cezayir.

How will Cezayir decide in the face of the great betrayal done to it? What is Tatavlalı and the organization he is a member of, planning to do to collapse Cezayir? How will Firuze get rid of Jean Luc's accusations? How will Leyla respond to Firuze's call for peace?

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