Baht Oyunu

Baht Oyunu (S01E02)


Before Ada delivers the entire video to Bora, she makes a deal to ensure she stays at the company, but being Bora's assistant is much more difficult than Ada thought. Ada, who has become the number one gossip topic at the company, gets the nickname "27" because she is Bora's 27th assistant. While the employees bet on how permanent it will be, Ada tries to stay on good terms with Bora regardless of what is being said. Tuğçe is the first person Ada approached in the company. As she starts researching to get to know her rival Tuğçe better, Rüzgar, who keeps his marriage a secret, sees Ada as a threat to the company and tries to drive her away. After the video scandal, Bora gets an opportunity to tidy things up. Learning that the other party will come to the extremely critical business dinner with his wife, Bora decides to go to the dinner with Tuğçe. On the other hand, Ada sets up a game for Tuğçe so that Bora can go to dinner with her and she succeeds. Bora invites Ada to dinner and asks her to act as her lover throughout the meal. The meal, which started out perfectly, turns into a nightmare when Tuğçe and Rüzgar come to the restaurant.