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Azize (S01E06)


Will Azize and Balkan confront?

On her road for revenge, Azize realizes that the only obstacle she cannot overcome is Balkan. No matter how she tries to resist, she feels that her heart drags her towards Kartal. It’s the same with Kartal, too. For the first time, Kartal and Azize take a step to know each other acknowledging that they have feelings for one another.

With Iskender’s death, Kartal has got rid of the bump in the road. However, Zeynep, who has been considered dead for eighteen years, comes back home and upsets the balances. Zeynep has the power of Iskender, the rage of Balkan and the intelligence of Kartal. She poses the biggest threat to Azize.  

Adnan finds out the truth about Kuzey and it causes Yildiz and Tuna to face each other. Apparently, this is not going to end with just a discussion but at least one of them will be hurt seriously.