Melek is a young nurse with a destroyed family. Her father, a successful captain, was killed by a mafia family, the Alpan family, when she was a little girl. She grew up in difficult conditions and planned revenge for those who killed her father and condemned her mother to a mental hospital, destroyed all of her life. She changes her identity, becomes Azize; then leaks into the Alpan family. She will take family’s revenge by killing her father's killer and destroying this mafia family. But she will face an obstacle which she has completely excluded: Love…
S01E01 of Azize


Nov 19, 2019

S01E02 of Azize


Nov 26, 2019

S01E03 of Azize


Dec 03, 2019

S01E04 of Azize


Dec 14, 2019

S01E05 of Azize


Dec 21, 2019

S01E06 of Azize


Dec 28, 2019

S01E07 of Azize


Jan 04, 2020

Buğra Gülsoy as Kartal

Buğra Gülsoy

Hande Erçel as Azize

Hande Erçel

Mustafa Yıldıran as Balkan

Mustafa Yıldıran

Tugay Mercan as Okan

Tugay Mercan

Asuman Çakır as Aynur Alpan

Asuman Çakır

Aynur Alpan
Hasan Alpan as Ufuk Şen

Hasan Alpan

Ufuk Şen
Ceylan Batı as Ceyda Alpan

Ceylan Batı

Ceyda Alpan
Ece Miray as Selin Alpan

Ece Miray

Selin Alpan
Efekan Can as Kuzey Alpan

Efekan Can

Kuzey Alpan
Başak Daman as Yıldız Alpan

Başak Daman

Yıldız Alpan
Selen Öztürk as Tuna Alpan

Selen Öztürk

Tuna Alpan
Çetin Sarıkartal as İskender Alpan

Çetin Sarıkartal

İskender Alpan
Zeynep Kızıltan as Gül

Zeynep Kızıltan


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