Ateş Kuşları

Ateş Kuşları (S02E11)


Ali has a big confrontation with his father, who has no remorse for selling his children, but he will not give up his bad temper. Ragıp is determined to sit at the bargaining table with Gülayşe. But what will Ragıp ask Gülayşe for more than money when he confronts her?

On the one hand, Barbar admires the heart of the girl he loves, who would do anything for her brother, but on the other hand, he will not allow Ragıp to be happy. Therefore, he asks Gülayşe for time until he finds a solution. However, while they were talking about this, Nazmiye found out who Ali's sister was before anyone else. What will Nazmiye's next move be? And who is Ali's sister?

When Lawyer Gözde, the guardian angel of their criminal father, shows up as Ragıp's lawyer, Barbar is not pleased, but not only because Gözde is protecting Ragıp. What kind of history do Barbar and Gözde have? How will Gülayşe put up with Barbar being around her when she is so disgusted with Gözde?

Zıpkın is furious when Kara tells Hüma to become lovers, but Kara achieves her goal and kills Zıpkın! Zıpkın, who is very shaken, manages to follow his heart. He finally tells Sare that he is deeply in love with her. But he gets an unexpected reaction, and the world falls apart! Kara, on the other hand, continues to go after Hüma with cannon and rifle! How will Kara and the Harpoon brothers' trials of love and hate turn out?

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