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Ateş Kuşları

Ateş Kuşları (S02E10)


Barbar is now after Ali's sister. But looking for this girl whose name they don't know is like looking for a needle in a haystack! Moreover, they have to find the girl before the troublemakers who are after her! And even though they don't know it, Nazmiye is determined to find her before them!

But who is Ali's sister, and what do those men want with her? Will Ali be able to find his sister before anyone else?

Although it is delayed for Ali to regain his identity, Kara and Sare go after Mercan's family, as Ali is determined not to postpone the marriage too long. However, how will they reach Mercan's identity when her mother and father are both dead?

This investigation reminds Sare of some things she buried deep in the past. Obviously, Sare also has an asshole father! But what kind of father is this that both Mete and Sare are determined not to tell the Firebirds about him?

Before Zıpkın has even decided who he loves, Kara asks Hüma out on a date! But why did Kara do this? What will Zıpkın's reaction be when Hüma tells Zıpkın the first chance she gets? What if this issue drives a wedge between the two sisters?

During all this hustle and bustle, they keep Ragıp locked in the tire shop. And Sabit makes Ragıp's life miserable by making him miserable! But Ragıp somehow turns the tables on himself! What kind of leverage did he get while locked up?

Barbar said that if love has Ferhat and Mecnun, love also has Barbar, so he finally takes Gülayşe on the first romantic date of their lives! As Gülayşe prepares herself with excitement, Barbar is speechless at Gülayşe's beauty! And what is it that Barbar keeps saying we will talk about at dinner?