Ateş Kuşları

Ateş Kuşları (S01E09)


Although Gülayşe tries to set herself on fire to protect her family from Çatal, neither Ali nor Barbaros will allow it. This time Gülayşe stands in front of Zümrüt so that Ali does not become a murderer. The sharp knife in his hand will either return to Emerald or to himself. Will Zümrüt tell Fork where the Firebirds are?

Gülayşe is finally in front of Barbaros, whom she fell in love with at her first dinner.

While Barbaros is trying to get rid of Çatal's game, Sabit learns Barbaros' big secret. Barbarossa is the police! Will Gülayşe learn this secret of Barbaros? Will this lie come out when you think you have found your love?

In the past, a great test awaits the Köksüz. He encounters his mother in the streets. Or will a new life begin for the Rootless?

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