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Ateş Kuşları

Ateş Kuşları (S01E08)


Zümrüt shatters Gülayşe's dreams with Barbaros. Gülayşe is now sitting across from Zümrüt at dinner. Will Gülayşe accept Zümrüt's marriage proposal for the sake of her family?

The big secret that Şirin buried years ago comes to light. Barbaros is Çatal's son. Barbaros' real test begins now. Will Barbaros find out that his greatest enemy, whom he has been chasing for years, is his father? How will Şirin, who has been hiding this truth all these years, look at Barbaros's face?

In the past, Köksüz will follow Sabit's inventive ideas for their only baby Gülayşe.

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