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Aldatmak (S01E21)


Thanks to the covert operation carried out by Elmas behind Yeşim, the file was delivered to the right hands. Now comes the time to give an account for Yeşim.

Güzide, who wants to do a favor to Sezai, who is always by her side, takes action by using her resources to find Sezai's daughter. He is unaware of the secret blow that Tarık will inflict on his career, which he is trying to hold onto again.

Although Oylum, who has not yet overcome her separation with Tolga, regrets it, it does not seem possible to recover her relationship.  However, seeing Oylum with Behram reinforces Tolga's prejudices.

Ozan, on the other hand, opens a new page in his life with Zeliş.

As a result of Yeşim's arrest, Ümit deals with Öykü, while Tarık shows his selfishness once again.  However, his recklessness will provide another trump card against him. Tarık, who has been busy with his war against Güzide for a long time, is unaware that a great danger is coming that he could not foresee.

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