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Aldatmak (S01E20)


While Oltan's serious injury creates a shock effect, Güzide asks her daughter to do the right thing, even if it is difficult. Yeşim's response to her provocative act reminds everyone that Güzide no longer has a trace of her former calmness.

There was a great coldness between Oylum and Tolga. Aware that she cannot break with Tolga voluntarily and that their relationship cannot continue peacefully, Oylum makes a surprising move. However, the consequences of this move will be very painful for both sides.

Ozan, on the one hand, requires Oylum to make a choice between Tolga and himself. On the other hand, he starts to spend more and more time with Zeliş.

Yeşim is in a very difficult situation when her actions with Nihal are revealed. Moreover, she is unaware that another lie she told in the past will cause great danger to her thanks to Güzide.

While everyone is "deceived" on different subjects, new events and beginnings take the place of their old notebooks.

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