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Aldatmak (S01E19)


With his radical move, Tarık causes Güzide and her children to be left broke. In this desperate environment, Behram comes to the aid of Güzide's family. In this way, Güzide realizes that Tarık started digging her well a long time ago.

The guest from Tarık's past claims that Tarık was with him before Yeşim. Moreover, next to this intruder, there is a girl about the age of Öykü.

Although Yeşim, who settled in Güzide's house, thinks she has won, it does not take long for her to realize that she cannot be happy with Tarık. However, due to a threat from the past, Yeşim starts to work behind Tarık again.

Ozan, who is on the edge of both his business and private life, while implementing his revenge plan against Oltan, confronts his father, who displaced his family from their home. With the support of Elmas, this confrontation will have heavy consequences for Tarık.

Oylum, who could not get over the destruction she experienced on the Tolga front, pours her heart out to her uncle. Güzide realizes Behram's interest in Oylum, who constantly rushes to her aid. Tolga, who does not intend to give up on Oylum easily, is unaware of the great danger that awaits him.

As everyone faces their own past calculations, the price of these confrontations will be heavy.

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