Aldatmak (S01E22)


Out of patience with Tarık's latest attack, Güzide opens a live broadcast and reveals the trap set for her. She is no longer afraid of anything, and does not compromise her candid demeanor in the face of his enemies. Her children and friends welcome this publication with enthusiasm.

Oylum still has not forgotten Tolga, despite Behram's pursuit of her. She cannot hide her regret and remorse from her mother. While giving advice, Güzide realizes that her daughter has made similar mistakes with her in the past.

As Ozan and Zeliş embark on a new relationship, Selin and Tolga's friendship progresses. When they go out to have fun together, they get caught in the magazine. Selin and Oylum's friendship is about to be tested.

While Yeşim realizes once again that building a home requires much more than a big house, Tarık tries to figure out who was kidnapped and why. As a matter of fact, a surprise name will emerge from behind Tarık's detention plan.

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