Ah Nerede

Ah Nerede (S01E05)


Zehra kisses Ferit with her hand to convince Cenker of their relationship, but she doesn't know how to look Ferit in the face afterward. Zehra starts to run away from Ferit. Ferit, on the other hand, understands that Cenker will not let go of this incident and wants to show off his relationship with Zehra for Cenker to see. However, this will not be so easy, because Zehra is ashamed of having kissed Ferit and she starts running away from him. A new story begins for Zahra and Ferit.

The Şerbetlioğlu brothers, on the other hand, go on full throttle. Business life begins to change all three young men. The Avengers Club, on the other hand, join hands to help Huriye, who is another 'Feritzede' this time, to come out of depression.