Adım Farah

Adım Farah (S01E09)


Tahir is on his way to becoming a family with Farah. Now is the right time to declare his feelings. 'I declare my love.' A surprise for Farah will shake her up as well. Farah will now have to make a decision. Maybe it is time to face the fact that she is both a mother and a woman.  

Mehmet and Tahir's journey will no longer be the same, even if they don't realize it. Can two brothers become enemies?  Can they stay the same if they know they are brothers?

As Tahir tries to clear his life, Mehmet will not let him lift his head. Because now the issue has become personal. As he digs into Tahir's past, a truth that Farah does not know will come to the surface. What is the reason for this boy to bite life like this?  What happened to him in his youth? How will Farah feel when she faces this? 

Tahir will also have one last word to say to Mehmet. It is a very bitter word. It will break all Mehmet's memorization and upset his balance. 

The radical decision Kaan and Gönül make with their lives will deeply affect both families. Akıncılar and Koşanerler are destined to reunite after many years. But is it our past that makes us who we are or our present? Tahir and Farah will be tested with the answer to this question.

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