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Adım Farah

Adım Farah (S01E10)


Some time has passed since the events at the hospital. After Farah's reaction, Tahir has distanced himself from Farah and Karimshah, returning to his roots and putting aside his dream of an ordinary happy life. However, the fact that Tahir and Farah's marriage will be checked by the authorities changes everything. 

Mehmet, too, has given up on Tahir and is pursuing bigger goals. The clue he is looking for comes to him unexpectedly...

When Gönül and Kaan return from their honeymoon, the problem of the Koşanerler's and Akıncılar's forced in-laws turns into an unacceptable situation for

Perihan when Gönül moves into Akıncılar's house. Perihan is all alone on her way to win her daughter back. 

Even though Tahir and Farah have to stay together out of necessity, every move they make brings them closer to becoming a family, no matter how many obstacles they put between them. As they count the days until Kerimşah's recovery, new developments are at the door and they will realize this will not be so easy.