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Adım Farah

Adım Farah (S01E08)


Ali Galip's order to kill Mehmet, the chief commissar, is a difficult task for Tahir to accept. On the other hand, getting rid of Mehmet will be the key to starting a new life for Tahir.  While Tahir struggles with this dilemma, Farah struggles with a completely different emotion. She realizes that she is starting to fall for Tahir.

At Tahir and Farah's wedding at Ali Galip's house, Gönül and Perihan set off to be with Farah, not knowing who the address belongs to. And they face the biggest surprise of their lives. While many secrets are revealed that day, just at the moment of the signature, an armed raid takes place and the marriage does not take place.

Although Tahir and Farah cannot get married, this wedding adventure will bring them closer.

Meanwhile, Tahir has distanced himself from the idea of killing Mehmet, but Mehmet, who learns from Bade that he will be assassinated, is infuriated when he realizes that Tahir has been assigned this task and goes to Tahir in a rage to hold him to account. But what neither of them knows is that the event that pits them against each other is actually the result of another story that binds their fates long ago...