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Adım Farah

Adım Farah (S01E07)


Farah and Tahir fall into the fugitive situation without knowing the fate of Bekir. Tahir will hide the mother and son in a mountain house where no one can find them, at the cost of his own life. AGA thinks that Tahir gave the weapon that was the evidence when Kaan was arrested. Tahir is aware of this situation and is willing to accept his fate. While thinking of saving Farah and her son and sacrificing himself, he has one last wish; to spend a peaceful last day like a family… Will Farah understand what Tahir is hiding and what to do? Farah will share her past with someone for the first time. With Tahir Lekesiz.

Mehmet thinks that he has won the victory, that he has solved the murder. Thus, he not only caught the murderer but also eliminated the danger that had come to his sister. But there is one thing he forgets: One way or another, the truth comes out. Did Kaan really commit the murder? Or is there another conspiracy behind it? The balances within the Akıncı family will change and be shaken after Bekir's stabbing and Kaan's arrest. Bade will feel abandoned and betrayed.

Ali Galip's threatening visit to Orhan will open the curtain of the past a little more. Do these two men have a common sin from the past? Nothing will ever be the same for Tahir, Farah, or the Akıncılar family.