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8. Gün

8. Gün


Bahar seemed to have it all: a wealthy family, a loving husband, and a baby on the way. Then her mother was killed in a plane crash, and soon nothing was as it seemed.

Şehnaz was Bahar’s mother and a senior software engineer at Lotus, one of the country’s leading technology companies. Aziz, a partner at the firm and an old family friend, consoles Bahar at the news of her mother’s death.

That very night, a bunch of goons break into Bahar’s home looking for the computer code her mother had written. A struggle ensues, and Bahar is shot, causing her to lose her unborn baby. The gang’s leader, Ozan, feels guilty and decides to help Bahar against his boss and illegitimate father—Aziz.

Meanwhile, Bahar gains another unlikely ally in Hayati, an ex-mafioso who, for reasons of his own, decides to help her. Soon the two are fighting for their lives as they begin to uncover the dark conspiracy that took Bahar’s mother. In time, the two develop a strange bond, as Bahar is forced to confront her dark side, and Hayat learns that he still has good in him. Bahar will get her hands dirty, while Hayati cleans his dirty life.

Apart from the loss of her mother and her unborn baby, Bahar has also lost faith in her husband. She has given up on love altogether… until Ozan finds his way to her heart. The two develop a powerful bond, but that only leads to more sadness for Bahar.

Ultimately, Bahar and Hayati solve the mystery of Şehnaz’s death and uncover other secrets as well—including the ties that bind the three of them together.

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