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Best "Organized Crime" Turkish Dramas Online

Adım Farah

120 mins
Crime Drama Romance NOW
Farah (Demet Özdemir) is a 28-year-old Iranian woman. While fleeing from Iran to France 6 years ago, she had to stop in Istanbul because she learned that she was pregnant. She begins to live there as an illegal immigrant. Moreover, her son Kerimşah' (Rastin Pakhanad) has a rare disease. Since the immune system is very weak from birth, Kerimşah is open to diseases. Therefore, he has to live in a sterile environment. Despite having a medical education, Farah works illegally as a cleaner in Istanbul. Farah's goal in life is for her son Kerimşah to get healthy and to have a life like normal children. She will save money as soon as possible and complete her son's treatment and go to France again.

But Farah's world is turned upside down overnight. She witnesses a murder committed by the mafia in a place she goes to clean and meets Tahir Lekesiz (Engin Akyürek). Farah, at the cost of her life, cleans the scene without leaving any traces. However, since she is an eyewitness to the murder, the mafia wants her killed and this task is given to Tahir. Tahir is a lonely man who grew up with the mafia leader. Things get even more difficult for Farah when it turns out that the deceased was a cop. On the other hand, the police are being pressured by Mehmet (Fırat Tanış).

Tahir and Farah will also be tested with the emotions they cannot avoid in this life-or-death dilemma.


120 mins
Drama Romance Show TV
Aslan Soykan may be the head of Istanbul’s most notorious crime family, but at the dinner table his mother Hulya rules with an iron fist. She has managed to keep the unruly clan together with a set of unbreakable traditions, the foremost being, “You can’t escape from the table!” All that goes up in smoke when Aslan disrupts family dinner for the sake of a woman he just met, the beautiful psychologist Devin. Devin and Aslan fall in love, and as they become closer, the psychologist can’t help but diagnose his discordant family. But can a psychologist thrown right in the middle of a battlefield heal everyone? And can she deal with a narcissist like Aslan without fully recovering from her own wounds?


140 mins
Crime Drama Show TV
When Sarp’s brother Umut disappears and is presumed dead, his mother hangs onto his memory for dear life. Sarp blames himself for having lost him and is still haunted by the loss. Just as Sarp is to graduate from the police academy he is assigned to infiltrate the mafia syndicate run by the mob boss, Celal Karabaş. He believes by succeeding with his mission he will finally find peace in his mind and soul. When getting further involved in Celal’s world, Sarp also finds himself developing deep feelings for the mob boss’s protégé, Melek. She was taken off the streets begging as a small child by Celal, alongside a little boy, Mert. Sarp eventually discovers that Mert is his long lost brother who in turn is embarking on his own mission for Celal. Suddenly the siblings are reunited but not as two brothers but two opponents on different side of the law. Will the brotherly love succeed to overcome all differences and heal wounded hearts?

Insider (Icerde) stars Çağatay Ulusoy, Aras Bulut İynemli and Çetin Tekindor. After its premiere in September 2016 on Show TV in Turkey, the series enjoyed some of the best viewing figures seen for many years in Turkey, and quickly became the most watched Turkish drama of all time on YouTube.


120 mins
Action Crime Romance Star TV
Two cops nab a drug lord, who offers them an outrageous bribe to get him off in the late 1980s. One says no, the other says yes, and soon it’s the honest cop who’s kicked off the force in a drug scandal. He was set up by his best friend, the crooked cop, who becomes the drug dealer’s right-hand man and, eventually, a master criminal in his own right.

For the honest cop, nothing but tragedy. He takes his family from Istanbul but dies soon after. The family becomes separated when thugs take away the oldest son, Kuzgun. This eight-year-old boy ends up on the streets, fending for himself. Over the next 20 years, the orphan transcends all the pain and trauma of his childhood to transform himself into the perfect sword of vengeance.

Now an adult, nothing will get in Kuzgun’s way. He infiltrates the gang of Rifat, the best friend who betrayed his father, and soon Kuzgun begins to rise through the ranks. All is going according to plan… until he runs into Dila.

Dila is Rifat’s daughter and Kuzgun’s childhood sweetheart. Kuzgun was the love of her life, and it broke her heart when he disappeared. Now 20 years later he reappears as her bodyguard. Dila doesn’t recognize the new man at first, but is strangely drawn to him all the same.

Of course, Kuzgun knows exactly who Dila is. He tries to harden his heart, but the old spark just won’t die. Soon their love catches fire, and the bond between them becomes Kuzgun’s greatest obstacle. Can this unbreakable love conquer his thirst for revenge?

This improbable love story puts Kuzgun and Dila on a dangerous path, as the forces of love and revenge transform them both.

Üç Kuruş

120 mins
Crime Show TV
A killer is stalking Çıngıraklı, a tight-knit Gypsy neighborhood with little regard for outsiders. He leaves three pennies on each of his victims as a sort of calling card, and the case is assigned to the Organized Crime Unit. Its captain, Efe, initially suspects Kartal, a Romani Mafioso who is the neighborhood “protector” and Efe’s chief nemesis. But in time Efe realizes that Kartal can’t be the killer. Eventually the cop and the crime boss form an uneasy alliance to find Çıngıraklı’s “Three Penny Killer.”

Their mission changes both men. Efe has always looked at Kartal’s neighborhood as a breeding ground for criminals and lowlifes, but this case helps him see things from the Romani perspective, and in time he falls in love with a young Gypsy woman. For his part, Kartal becomes involved with the daughter of an enemy, as the code he lives by starts to erode. The unexpected connection between the Three Penny Killer and Kartal’s tragic past will call into question everything he believes.


130 mins
Action Crime Drama Show TV
Çukur, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Istanbul, is ruled by the Koçova family. Although they are closely related to crime, the family has its own rules. One of these rules is the prohibition of drugs. Drugs cannot be produced, used or sold in Çukur. But one of the upstarts is determined to break the ban. First he tries to negotiate with the Koçova’s but when his request is rejected he attacks the neighborhood and the family with his power. Just as he thinks that he has put the family on their knees something unpredicted comes up. Now the cards need to be dealt again.

Yamaç is a young man who has focused himself on living life the way he wants to. He’s a man who doesn’t think about tomorrow. One night he meets a beautiful young woman as wounded and dangerous as himself. Her name is Sena. Soon they fall in love and get married. While thinking that they would live “happily ever after”, Yamaç’s family that he believed he had left behind comes between them. As Sena follows Yamaç and runs in the family, they are not aware that their lives will never be the same.


60 mins
Comedy Drama Netflix
Getting a second chance is easy, but making use of it is more difficult than one thinks. Gölge is doing the dirty work of Servet Nadir, whom he is raised by. He, who does not remember anything about his childhood, pursues the photograph that ties him to his past. Gölge, escaping with the secrets of Servet Nadir, takes refuge in a 50 square meter tailor shop in a neighbourhood named Güzelce. The inhabitants of the neighbourhood believe that he is Adem, son of Adil, the tailor who has just recently died. No matter how challenging the neighborhood is, Gölge will change the neighborhood and the neighborhood will change Gölge.

8. Gün

120 mins
Drama ATV
Bahar seemed to have it all: a wealthy family, a loving husband, and a baby on the way. Then her mother was killed in a plane crash, and soon nothing was as it seemed.

Şehnaz was Bahar’s mother and a senior software engineer at Lotus, one of the country’s leading technology companies. Aziz, a partner at the firm and an old family friend, consoles Bahar at the news of her mother’s death.

That very night, a bunch of goons break into Bahar’s home looking for the computer code her mother had written. A struggle ensues, and Bahar is shot, causing her to lose her unborn baby. The gang’s leader, Ozan, feels guilty and decides to help Bahar against his boss and illegitimate father—Aziz.

Meanwhile, Bahar gains another unlikely ally in Hayati, an ex-mafioso who, for reasons of his own, decides to help her. Soon the two are fighting for their lives as they begin to uncover the dark conspiracy that took Bahar’s mother. In time, the two develop a strange bond, as Bahar is forced to confront her dark side, and Hayat learns that he still has good in him. Bahar will get her hands dirty, while Hayati cleans his dirty life.

Apart from the loss of her mother and her unborn baby, Bahar has also lost faith in her husband. She has given up on love altogether… until Ozan finds his way to her heart. The two develop a powerful bond, but that only leads to more sadness for Bahar.

Ultimately, Bahar and Hayati solve the mystery of Şehnaz’s death and uncover other secrets as well—including the ties that bind the three of them together.


120 mins
Crime TRT1
Kaan is a prisoner and Cihangir is the so-called son of a big mafia member. Both are fighting against a criminal organization named “The Circle” for different reasons but same goals. The Circle is a criminal organization founded at least 40 years ago. Its leader is Cengiz. Cihangir’s so-called father Ilhan is one of the big members of this organization. The villain of this story is Humeyra (Nazan Kesal) and she is the mother of Kaan and Cihangir although they are not brothers. Humeyra kills Ilhan’s brother. In return, The Circle kidnaps Humeyra’s new born, Cihangir, and hands him in to Ilhan. In the meantime, Cengiz’s kidnapped son Kaan is handed in to Humeyra. While struggling to dissolve their intermingled past, Kaan and Cihangir fall into the circle of love with Mujde (Hande Ercel) and Bahar (Hazal Subasi). Bahar is a very successful cop. She is in charge of Kaan’s file and she can’t help growing feelings for him. Mujde, on the other hand, is the daughter of a famous criminal and she has a crush on Cihangir although she knows that he is engaged with another girl. All four of them become victims of The Circle and none of them can escape from it no matter how hard they try.
Crime Drama NOW
Korkmaz and Iskender have been dear friends for 40 years. Iskender heads many illegal operations in Bodrum, a coastal town in southwestern Turkey. Many years ago, Korkmaz was found by Iskender on the verge of dying. He saves him, and Korkmaz grows up to become Iskender’s hitman. Korkmaz and Huri, Iskender’s sister, fall in love but are forced to marry others. Twenty-two years later, Metin, Korkmaz’s lost son, kills Iskender’s only heir, Yigit. This friendship will become a relentless chase that will destroy many people’s lives, including Huri and Sibel, the abandoned love of Metin’s life and their secret child.