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Category: Random Ramblings

Revisiting The Landmark Partnership between Star TV & OGM Pictures

A look back at all of the productions born out of the landmark partnership between Star TV and OGM Pictures.

International Fans of 'Çukur' Bid Farewell to the Phenomenon

Every now and then, a show comes around that leaves a lasting impression on its viewers. Çukur is and will always be that show.

Hercai: An Ethereal Love Story That Will Stand The Test of Time

We may be saying goodbye to the giant that is Hercai but the ethereal love story will live in our hearts forever!

Sen Çal Kapımı Reinvents The Rom-Com Genre Through A Cleverly Executed Plot

Sen Çal Kapımı
In as little as four episodes, the series has managed to cement its status as one of the best romantic comedies to come out of Turkey.