International Fans of 'Çukur' Bid Farewell to the Phenomenon


Every now and then, a show comes around that leaves a lasting impression on its viewers. As we've all come to learn by now, quality transcends borders. It transcends language and through the years, Show TV's #Çukur has thoroughly embodied the top-tier quality we speak of, solidifying its place as one of the greatest Turkish series ever made.

From the underlying messages embedded in every episode to the phenomenal acting performances we got to witness every week, Çukur delivered and always managed to surprise us at every turn. Through the ups and the downs, fans of the series in Turkey and beyond have picked up life lessons along the way, and most importantly, it has taught us that family is everything.

In honour of the Çukur finale, slated to air tonight on Show TV, we asked a group of international fans of the phenomenon to tell us how much the show has meant to them since its premiere in 2017, and here's what they had to say:


What Çukur meant that me, we all have at one point or another a dysfunctional family.  But at the end Family comes first.  This series was God given to me, because I have a new worldwide genuine loving family that I wouldn't trade for anything in this world❤️
- Gloria Leiner (Cuba/Florida)


çukur is not only a Dizi.... It's an #Emotion 😍❤️ I love the way how this Dizi exhibit peace, love, hatred, Brotherhood, anger, sacrifice and the importance of Family ❤️😍👍😎💔... My most favorite was yes off course our #Aras (Yamac) but I love Murtaza bey (The Savage guy 😂) and Selim too 🤩😍🤗 <°°°> 
Saira Azam (Pakistan)


Cukur became an escapism for me for the last 2-3 years.
The good quality acting and script brought me back every week to watch new episode.
I laughed and cried with the characters, but the main thing that always stood out was the importance of family and loyalty represented in this masterpiece
Silvia Secka (Slovakia/UK)


Thank you SO much for this opportunity!!  As an American, I’m so happy to show you some American love, and sadness. I can’t believe we’re at the sad. My introduction into Turkish TV was via Çukur! It has the best acting, the best characters, and some of the best storylines. Your support of special needs and autism touches my heart. My youngest daughter has Down Syndrome and your show, with its teaching moments give me so much hope. Good luck to every single one of you...good luck in all of your future endeavors!! If you’re ever in will ALWAYS have a place to stay with me!!! ❤️ 
Loved and never forgotten
Marla Bennington (USA)


This show means a lot to me. It teaches me how family should support each other. What is unity and how to forgive the person we love❤️ 
Thanks a lot Çukur <•••>
I will miss you a lot !
ASIF WAZZED (Bangladesh)


With a heavy heart I have to say goodbye to çukur and the main characters of this wonderful series. A wonderful and exciting series from the first to the last episode.
Aras Bulut iynemli is one fantastic young talent that I will miss the most.
Another talent I will miss is Erkan Kolçak köstendil.
Thank you Guarantor, Salih, Cumali for giving me the opportunity to laugh and cry with you and look forward to a new episode every Monday even though I don't know Turkish I watched the live series every Monday to see what will happen to Guarantor and what will now to do how he will get out of trouble and how he will save Çukur.
Mila Rac (Sweden)


What a classic, what a masterpiece, 4 years and 131 episodes later we bid goodbye to one of the all time great shows.  What a ride it has been, what memorable characters, family is everything.
Robyn Pipe (Australia)


Çukur is not a simple series, it is art in its purest state from screenwriters to actors! Çukur connected people from all over the world and bound friendships🤍thanks to this series I met extraordinary people.
I love Çukur so thank you for all happy Monday’s,for all the memorable moments and for everything I've learned from you!🙏🏽🤍 Best series ever! <•••>
#familyiseverything #thereishope #betterdaysarecoming
Valentina (Romania)


Be loyal to your Brothers no matter what.  
Never stop loving family. 
These two life lessons will stay with me forever. I will miss this show very much.
Yasir Barez (Afghanistan)


No other show has givebe more find and personal memories like Cukur. Thank you for everything! 
- Sabrina Laus (Malta)


Cukur showed me that everyone is important; to listen before you act; to just pause and breathe if times gets tough; and most importantly to always love and forgive.
Yolande Van Zyl (South Africa)


Cukur has meant a lot to me the past four years. It's been a reflection of our own life and relations to family and people around us. The show has brought a lot of joy, sadness, excitement, and of course conections from around the world which would have never happened otherwise. 
I'm forever thankful for this amazing show and the brilliant actors; especially Aras. 
Maria Graff (Sweden)


Family is everything; wealth dosen’t definde you but love and kindness do. Oh, and the show's music- the best!
Tigist Kebede (Ethiopia)


Cukur was all about rawness. It took us on a journey of exploring all possible human emotions at it's myriad raw expressions within a plethora of power and relationship dynamics. The story, the plot, the characterisations, the acting, the on-screen and off-screen chemistry of cast and crew, the music, the message- everything melted perfectly into a gold bar of pure cinematic brilliance that would always be remembered as one of the iconic shows in the Turkish Dizi history.
Cukur is what life is - raw emotions.
I will deeply miss this show.
Ruth Godwin (India)


I am very happy to have met some amazing people and friendships from around the world through our common love for Cukur- a real family. Even though the show is ending I don't want to say "Good-bye". I hope that the friendships will continue to be a family.
- Tatyana Sevastova (Russia/Turkey)


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While Çukur ends tonight, its legacy will live on for many years to come. 

Special thanks to the members of the 'ARAS BULUT IYNEMLI & CUKUR FANDOM' group of Facebook for their contributions. 

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