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Yabani: Season 1, Episode 23 Recap


This episode begins with looking at the Soysalan manor, it is the day Eşref’s will is going to be read to the family. 

Neslihan goes to get Alaz and we see that he spent the night with the girl from the club (well they didn’t actually do anything, she just slept in his bed overnight).

We see Güven go home after spending the night out and Deniz surprises him with his reappearance.

Neslihan calls Yaman and says the will is going to be presented and that he has to come to see it happen.

Serhan is also here, honestly, there is nothing I can say about this person except that he is a truly evil person and a manipulator.

Yaman arrives at the manor and in true Soysalan fashion, is trashed for no particular reason except breathing.

It is then announced that Eşref decided to leave his entire fortune to Yaman while leaving the hospital for Güven. Obviously, Serhan and the children are shaken by this news and are convinced Yaman is the reason for this and that he manipulated their grandpa.

Yaman leaves and says he wants none of the will.

Güven then calls Yaman to come to the house, Yaman expects him to yell at him due to his initial meeting with Deniz.

Asi is still shaken up from the night before at the club and decides she wants to clean the entire house and paint the walls. She yells at Cesur to get up and buy paint for them.

Serhan manipulates the kids into leaving the house with him but Neslihan won’t let that happen (even though it happens later anyway).

Yaman then comes to Güven’s house and Deniz mends their relationship, he always constantly has an ulterior motive. How many psychos can we take in Yabani before it’s too much? Seriously.

Serhan then goes back to his father’s house due to being kicked out. He leaves a voice message for all his children begging them to come to him.

Alaz goes to Asi and she is under the impression that he and the girl from the last night got together. Alaz then has a memory that they didn’t actually do anything, they just slept in the same bed with no relations.

Yaman finds out from Özge that Rüya gets out of the hospital that day. Deniz manipulates him into watching Rüya from afar as Yaman is not what she needs right now. Yaman trusts him blindly as of now.

Çağla decides to go to Serhan but Ece is already there when she gets there. Serhan has successfully manipulated them once again.

Özge wants to tell Güven something as she is holding an envelope, but Neslihan calls and Güven goes to the Soysalan manor before she can say anything.

Yaman watches Rüya leave the hospital from afar with Deniz being the one accompanying her back to her house.

Alaz comes to where Serhan is and demands that he let his sisters leave, while Serhan continues to persist and show off his manipulative habits.

Rüya goes back to her house but can’t even step foot into it, so Deniz decides to take her out for the day instead. Yaman is watching all of this from afar.

Yaman walks in on Güven & Neslihan arguing and attempting to leave. Neslihan tells Yaman that he should keep the will in his name for now so Serhan can’t get to the kids and take the money for himself. 

Alaz sees Yaman at the front door and they have their typical moment of hatred.

Alaz sees Güven and practically kicks him out. Neslihan berates him. Alaz leaves in anger and Neslihan decides to put a pause on all of the credit cards due to the situation right now.

Yaman continues to watch Deniz & Rüya from afar and even sees Rüya smile for the first time in a long time.

Deniz continues to get into Rüya’s head and says her relationship with Yaman is toxic and that she deserves better than him. Seriously, we did not need any more psychos.

Neslihan goes to Şebnem’s house and realizes it’s being put for sale. She says this is one of her worst places in the world as Yaman was held here and her grandfather died here. Neslihan lets Şebnem get her job back at the hospital (which is honestly stupid, I don’t get the writer because she would never do this).

Deniz continues to act like the picture-perfect brother for Yaman while continuing to manipulate him.

Özge decides to stay the night at her friend’s house to clear her mind.

Yaman climbs through Rüya’s window (typical early Yabani style, we love it) and confesses how she means everything to him. He falls asleep next to her for a little bit as well.

Asi sings beautifully and Alaz is there the whole time drinking up a storm.

Tolga, the club owner, invites Asi out for dinner and Alaz is clearly jealous while watching this interaction.

Tolga tells Asi while they are eating that Alaz didn’t actually do anything with that girl, and with that news, she goes to the club right away to talk to him. 

When Asi arrives, she sees Alaz and the girl in a risque manner, Alaz runs after her and Asi leaves crying.

The next morning, Yaman texts all his siblings saying their mother is sick. He only did this to get them to come over, however. He tells them that they can all get their part of the will as long as Serhan divorces Neslihan in just one hearing. 

Ece decides to say sorry to Yaman and he forgives her immediately.

Rüya is out with Deniz again and Deniz convinces her to record a message of what she wants to say to Yaman. He says if she wants a “toxic” relationship, she should send it to Yaman. If she wants to “heal from Yaman” she should send it to Deniz. PSYCHO! I am sure you can see how this will end. 

Serhan goes to the hospital and tells Neslihan he will divorce her in one hearing as long as she lets him get his job back at the hospital. She says… yes? I don’t understand why. This must be the writers propping up Serhan as per usual.

Serhan then sees Şebnem and tells her the good news. He also says he only wants her now in his life if she accepts. What. The. Heck.

Özge is then brought to the hospital and Güven comes. Özge tells Güven she is pregnant and shows him the ultrasound photo. 

Rüya decides to send the message to Deniz and Deniz calls Yaman back to the house to let these events unfold.

Serhan & Neslihan divorce right away and before officially walking away, Serhan tells Neslihan that Özge is pregnant as he finds out about it. 

And to end this episode, Deniz gets the message from Rüya and Yaman thinks it was for Deniz as she never said his name in the message. 

Frankly, this episode was also not good. The writing of the characters is insufferable, it makes no sense that Yaman & Rüya would be so naive to what Deniz is doing considering everything they have been through together. I am honestly confused by these last few episodes.

In the fragmans, we see that it is Rüya’s birthday, and Yaman & Alaz are planning to team up against Deniz. It looks promising, so we will see how that unfolds. 

And with that, I will see you soon with an episode 24 recap arkadaşlar!

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