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Where To Watch 'Ya Çok Seversen' with English Subtitles

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Great news – Ay Yapım, the production house before the much-talked-about romantic comedy Ya Çok Seversen (If You Love), has just made the first episode of the series available online with English subtitles (!)

The series follows the unlikely romance between a wealthy playboy and a beautiful grifter. Fan favourite actor Kerem Bürsin as Ateş, alongside the beautiful Hafsanur Sancaktutan, who plays Leyla.

Leyla is a resilient orphan with an intense spirit who joins a team of con men to fund the search for her long-lost parents. Things don't go well when she first meets Ateş, the brooding and cynical scion of a wealthy family. Leyla is turned off by Ateş’ playboy charms, seeing him as just another privileged snob. But when fate reunites them, Leyla's radiant personality gradually breaks through his defences, and Ateş discovers a new, more mature side of himself. Amidst a backdrop of mystery and emotional turmoil, the two opposites find themselves drawn together.

Hit play to enjoy the premiere episode with English subtitles!

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