'Terzi' Premiere Date Set at Netflix

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Netflix has unveiled a premiere date for Terzi, announcing that the long-awaited original series from OGM Pictures will bow globally on the platform on May 2.

The series, which went through a series of channel, cast, and name changes, tells the story of Peyami, a young and famous tailor who inherited talent and a successful business from his grandfather. With the death of his grandfather, Peyami brings his biggest secret to the core of his life in Istanbul and now has to take care of him without a soul finding out the truth. Running away from her abusive relationship with Dimitri, Esvet mysteriously appears in Peyami and Mustafa’s lives with her own secrets.

Fan favorite Çağatay Ulusoy leads the series as "The Tailor" and he joined in the star-studded line-up by Salih Bademci, Olgun Şimşek, and Şifanur Gül.

Cem Karcı directs the series, written by Rana Mamatlıoğlu and Bekir Baran Sıtkı.

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