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Sen Çal Kapımı Episode 3 Recap and Review


This weeks episode was a foray into how Eda and Serkan are going to cope with pretending to be engaged, spending a lot of time together, and having the first inklings of some real emotions between the two of them. 


The major developments are that Serkan is deathly afraid of Eda getting too close to him, and yet can’t seem to stay away from her at the same time. Selin has turned into a shrew and is attacking Eda on all fronts albeit very subtly, she is using Serkan mother, Aydan, and Pyril to get to Eda on the home and work fronts. It is obvious she is determined to break Eda and Serkan up and has lots of ways to go about doing that. Eda’s family and friends are very confused about this relationship but are trying their best to support Eda, Serkan’s family on the other hand are completely against it, even his mother who knows the relationship isn’t real goes out of her way to be nasty and condescending to Eda and her aunt. Which doesn’t make sense because Eda is helping her get what she wants, Selin as a daughter in law, so you might think that she would be nicer to Eda, but she seems incapable.


There are some nice moments with Eda and Serkan’s father, Alptekin, and he seems at least to want to treat her with some respect and I’m really enjoying the new found friendship between Eda and Safie, who comes to her rescue at the engagement party from hell. Also Sirius the dog is a big Eda fan, or is his master’s avatar in openly admiring her.


So we open with the end of last week’s scene of Serkan zipping up Eda’s dress just before the party starts, the song for this scene is such a great choice and the cinematography of the close ups of Kerem’s hands doing up her zipper and lifting her strap just ratchets up the heat in this moment between these two characters. We have several of these intense, face to face interactions between the character in the whole of the evening of the engagement party. Serkan says that the dress suits her and this spontaneous compliment throws her for a bit of a loop and she escapes quickly. He looks a bit gobsmacked at having said that and maybe at how effected he is by her.


Eda goes outside to see how preparations for the party are going and Aydan is dismissive and asks when is Eda going to get dressed, Eda says she is dressed, and Aydan says that if she is going to represent their family she should look the part, Aydan tells Safie to assemble the team and they will turn Eda from Cinderella into a princess. Eda pushes back and says no way, this is me and she’s not changing anything. Aydan warns her that the party guests will ‘destroy’ her (oh how right and wrong she is) and Eda says that no one can destroy her and that Aydan better get used to her. Aydan does her usual moaning and tells Eda that she is too sharp-tongued and Eda escapes to get a breath of air. She ends up at the little covered deck overlooking the water and plops down in one of the chairs to compose herself. Serkan’s father comes down to the deck at the same time and he and Eda have a brief moment together. He asks her if she is okay and she says that she thinks she has taken on a task that is going to be too much for her. He is kind and says that she looks like a strong girl and she should finish what she starts, she smiles at him and agrees that she is strong and she will continue on. She thanks him and tells him it was nice to meet him and he says the same. I’m hopeful that this relationship will continue to be at least non-contentious, Eda heads back out to the party.


She finds Serkan along the way and he asks if she is okay and she straights her spine and says yes, just fine. Guests are arriving and various of them looks Eda up and down and are immediately dismissive of her. One couple are incredibly rude to her, the woman looking her up and down a few times until Eda actually calls her out on it, asking how did she learn this technique of the dismissive perusal, Serkan is uncomfortable but doesn’t call anyone out on how they are treating Eda, he has to step away, she begs him not to leave her with these people but he says she can more than handle them, but as he passes he ask Safie to rescue Eda if she needs it. She does a few moments later as they question her about her family and what type of company her parents have and insinuate that Serkan must be marrying her to further his family holding, I guess that is why everyone gets married in these circles. Safie jumps in to get Eda out of there as she looks a bit devastated at the questions about her parents. 


Serkan introduces his mother to Eda’s aunt Ayfer and Aydan is beyond rude to her, going to so far to purposefully call Eda by the wrong name to Ayfer. Serkan is embarrassed by his mother’s behaviour but doesn’t say much, a point against him in my book, and Ayfer is furious.


Selin, Ferit and Kaan have all arrived, Selin showing why she will be the perfect daughter-in-law for Aydan, asks Eda if she needs help getting ready. Eda says again that she is ready, this is her, and Selin says she’s just surprised at Eda minimal accessories, meanwhile Selin has half a dead parrot hanging off each ear. Serkan tells her he doesn’t think she could look better. Serkan says someone else wants to talk to her and takes her over to her aunt and the girls. The girls have come with Ayfer and they rally around a hurt Eda, telling her that she looks beautiful and after a moment Eda steels herself to get through the rest of the party. 


Selin tells Eda that they need to put out a press release about her, about who her parents are, where she graduated from, what her last job was etc. Serkan says that if anyone is interested Selin can direct the questions to him, and Eda says everyone is interested in her yes, why is that? She says just tell the press she is a simple flower seller.  Eda looks to Serkan to say something but he doesn’t so she huffs and walks away and Serkan thanks Selin for that. Serkan catches up with Eda at yet another small terrace overlooking the river, seriously how big is this estate, and again asks if she’s okay. She’s really not and he asks if it’s because of the fact that she hasn’t graduated with a degree yet and she reminds him that he is the reason why she couldn’t finish her education. He asks about the details and she explains that she couldn’t afford the tuition, she also says maybe she wants it too much and he stops her and says it’s not wrong to follow your desires in life. Eda says let’s go back to the party but before they can Safie arrives with a jewelry case containing a yellow diamond necklace that is perfect for her dress. She declines to wear it but he charms her by making it disappear by slight-of-hand gets her to turn around so he can put it on for her. This is another close up shot of Serkan sweeping her hair aside to clasp the necklace on, with his lips very close to her ear he tell her that he used to lock himself in his room and read books about magic, she is affected by his closeness and we see actual goosebumps on her shoulder as he speaks. This is a powerful use of close up, as we see the physical effects they have on one another.


They move to the outdoor kitchen terrace area outside Serkan’s house, Fikret bey tells them that he loves what they have come up with but he has already made the deal with Kaan. Serkan thanks him and tells him to enjoy the party then sends everyone away but Eda, she isn’t sure what to do but suddenly Serkan storms off and it’s obvious he’s going to confront Kaan, Eda reaches him in the midst of the party and tries to distract him by saying ‘let’s dance’ but he pulls out of her grasp and says don’t touch me. He then again tries to get to Kaan, who is beating a hasty retreat, but Selin steps in front of Serkan and asks him not to make a scene, that Kaan is leaving. Serkan calms down a bit and nods as Engin comes up and asks what the hell he is doing, he just embarrassed Eda by rejecting her in front of everyone, something that Serkan’s mother had pointed out to Eda with glee, saying ‘see you’re already doing a good job of getting Serkan and Selin to be closer’.


Eda has escaped to yet another terrace and is talking to a daisy plant playing a version of ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ but her choices are to stay or to leave. Serkan has followed her, for the second time that day, and reminds her that they are in the situation because of her decisions and this is just a game, and she agrees but he was just rude to her and they are supposed to be madly in love, he starts to apologize but she stops him and reminds him that it’s in the contract that he isn’t allowed to offend or embarrass her in front of other people.


Ayfer and Aydan are having a conversation basically about who’s to blame for the rushed engagement. Aydan’s attitude makes absolutely no sense, she knows that it isn’t a real relationship so why is she so pissy about Eda who is actually helping her to get what she wants? She acts like the engagement is real. Is this just acting, or is that she dislikes Eda so much, or is this just the way she is? Interestingly, Serkan has not told his mother about Eda’s scholarship screw up.


Eda is at the bar alone and the girl’s notice and come over and she starts berating them about how could they let her get engaged to a man she’s only know for three days, how could they let her be with Serkan who is the most narcissistic man she has ever met, why didn’t they stop her from wanting to marry a robot. They protest and say that they did try and stop her! This was interesting in that Eda is acting like she really is going to marry Serkan. In the middle of all this Serkan comes up behind her and overhears most of what she says. The girls awkwardly leave Eda and Serkan standing at the bar, he asks her if she wants to dance and she asks is it part of the game and he says yes so she says she doesn’t have a choice then. She takes his hand and they step up onto a dance floor with atmospheric smoke swirling around them. Selin looks like she swallowed her own tongue, Serkan pulls Eda close and asks if she is still mad at him, she says yes, he asks if she regrets getting engaged to him and she says yes, she asks him if he regrets it and he says no, he doesn’t regret anything about her, then backtracks and says he doesn’t regret anything about their deal. They are dancing very close and at various points they lean their faces together or have very intense eye contact, it’s very romantic. Serkan’s mother looks a bit worried watching her son dance with Eda, the girls and Eda’s aunt are confused because from where they are standing it looks like two people in love dancing and it was only a minute ago the Eda was complaining about Serkan. Melo in particular is effected by the scene as she gets a bit teary seeing her friend seemingly in love. As the music ends Serkan and Eda are still swaying for a moment and each is a bit thunderstruck and they head off in different directions. 


The exchange of the rings is next and Serkan’s mother looks like she couldn’t be more bored, the crowd calls for a kiss and Eda declines, Serkan says he needs to kiss her and she still says no, so he reminds her that she kisses him just a couple of days ago so she has to acquiesce. They share a brief kiss and holding hands walk off the platform, Selin looks sick. 


Party is and Eda says goodbye to Selin who is condescending to her saying don’t let Serkan hurt you, he’s not like other people don’t expect to live together, implying that Selin knows Serkan better than anyone, which to be fair, she probably does. Eda laughs and says actually we are moving in together, not sure if this is in response to Selin’s superior attitude or if Eda thinks this will make Selin jealous and help the game. Selin stalks off after an incredibly fake ‘congratulations’ to Eda. 


Ayfer and the girls are ready to leave and Eda is so ready to go with them but her aunt hints that she might want to stay to have a couple of alone minutes with her groom. Serkan says stay and then Safie will drive her home later. They go back to his house and he lets Sirius out, Eda asks him why he named the dog Sirius, is it because the dog is as serious as he is? He smirks and says come on and takes her over to the telescope he has set up. He tells her that Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and is also called the Dog Star, would she like to see it and she says yes, he asks her if her star tattoo is because of her last name, because Yildiz means star? She says it’s not that simple, but it’s personal. He asks her if she knows how stars are formed and tells her that a cold, unmoving cloud eventually clusters together, heats up and forms a star, a metaphor for Serkan maybe? Eda asks if the universe has to wait for millions of years for a star to form? She gazes into the telescope as he gazes at her and puts his jacket around her shoulders. She says that the view through the telescope is amazing and he gazes at her so fondly here, so much so she asks him what’s up? He shakes himself out of it and says ‘nothing’. She asks him how many stars there are and he tell her ten sextillion, which I looked up and it’s 10 to the power of 21 or 10 with 21 zeroes. She’s amazed and asks how he knows all this, but then laughs and says it’s because he is a robot. He asks her if he really looks like a robot and she looks him up and down and says she doesn’t really know him, maybe it’s only Selin that really knows him. He says what do you want to know? She asks why he lives with his parents and he tells her about his mother’s agoraphobia, she asks why his mother has this and he stumbles through a non-answer. She says she better get going, gives him back his jacket and without him seeing her do it takes off the diamond necklace and leaves it on the table. He looks a moment later and seems wistful. 


The next morning Eda has breakfast with her aunt and Ayfer tells her that she is going back to the Bolat estate to give Aydan a piece of her mind. Eda says don’t bother but Ayfer is determined and Eda says okay then go and give her what for. Eda is trying to reach Serkan as he hasn’t come to pick her up yet but he doesn’t answer his phone. The girls come and they have coffee, Fifi wants to know who this Selin is and Eda tells them that she is Serkan’s ex-girlfriend and that she works at the firm as well, they are a bit shocked, they didn’t like how Selin was following Serkan around and hanging all over him. They don’t like Selin. Eda waxes a bit poetic about Serkan showing her a different face the night before, that he was sensitive and attentive, she felt close to him. Just wait Eda.


Eda leaves because she is worried about Serkan. She arrives at the estate and finds no Serkan, Safie says he’s already left for work awhile ago. Eda is surprised but notices the boxes on the terrace that she had promised Serkan she would get to the office so with Safie help she loads them up on a doily to takes them to her car. Selin has arrived to have coffee with Aydan and get a ride to the company from Alptekin, it seems like the real reason she’s come is to drop the bomb to Aydan that Serkan and Eda are moving in together. As she’s saying this Eda comes by pushing the doily and says that she is taking some of Serkan’s personal stuff to the office. Selin and Aydan assume she is moving his stuff out so she can move her stuff in, I think.


Eda arrives at the office and Serkan barks at her that she is late, she tries to explain that she was dealing with the boxes and besides she had waited around for him to pick her up but he interrupts her, and says everyone else was on time and therefore they can start the meeting. Serkan tells the team that they lost the hotel project and they now need to focus solely on work and that they can’t afford distractions, he looks right at Eda when he says distractions. He tells them not to reveal anything about work on social media. He asks Eda for the schedule for the week and she says she just got there and has had time to look at it yet and he is incredibly rude to her in front of everyone. 


Serkan has a meeting with Engin, Pyril, and Ahmet, the accountant, and he tells them he’s going to bid on a contract that they had previously decided not to try and take on. Engin and Pyril are surprised and worried because they don’t think they can do the job with the budget that is proposed and this might bankrupt them, Serkan says he will put up his father’s company as collateral, he had good advice about the project and no one is to say anything to anyone else. They are shocked but the accountant looks interested and shifty. When the accountant leaves Serkan asks Engin to call Kaan right then, Kaan’s phone is busy. Serkan and Engin are leaving the office and Serkan asks Eda for the schedule for a project but she says she can’t find anything in the office she is sharing with Leyla because it’s all topsy-turvy, Engin tries to explain that it’s because they are going to knock out the wall for Eda but Serkan interrupt and says sends Leyla to find the schedule and then tells her that she will be replacing Eda for the day. He’s being a total jackass to Eda, who is completely confused and getting angry. 


Ayfer goes to have coffee with Aydan and they have a not very civilized conversation about Eda and Serkan. Again, why is Aydan being such a cow about this, the engagement and relationship are not real, this woman needs a hobby. Ayfer tells her that Serkan took away Eda’s scholarship and in turn Aydan tells her that Serkan and Eda are moving in together.


When Serkan comes back to the office Eda goes to talk to him and he is again rude to her, she has had enough and confronts him about why he is being so nasty to her. He says she doesn’t  get to ask questions but she persists and he says that she will soon disappear from his life, he doesn’t owe her anything so she shouldn’t make a big deal of it, he retreats out on to the patio but she follows him to ask him what his problem is?!  He tells her to leave but she says where can she go, should she just end the engagement, he finally tells her that she is too close to him, and he doesn’t like it. She tries to say that the thing between them but he interrupts her and asks what could be between them? She says nice conversation, treating each other like humans, but she’s says she’s wrong. He says that the man he was last night isn’t him, so she’s not to cross any boundaries and forget that this is just a game. She says fine, she won’t and he shouldn’t bother taking down the wall in the assistant’s office as she has found a place for herself in the common office. She walks away from him. As he comes back to his desk he notices that there is a small bunch of flowers on the desk, the same ones that Eda had pinned to her shirt that morning. A metaphor for Eda bringing beauty and colour to his life even if he doesn’t want them? So this is what Serkan’s problem is, he doesn’t want her to get too close to him because she will disappear from his life in two months.


Theory time, I think that Serkan had a sibling, likely a brother, that died. His parents have a brief conversation this episode about how Serkan isn’t the son Alptekin wants and that it’s been 19 years that Alptekin has been cold to Serkan, which is a very specific amount of time. Also, it a previous episode Alptekin says to Serkan that he is always looking for hugs and kisses, which is not our experience with Serkan, so maybe Serkan was looking for comfort after his brother died and Alptekin denied him this comfort. Would explain why Serkan is afraid of getting close to someone who is just going to leave him.


Kaan has obviously targeted Melo to get information, he shows up the store she works at, for what end isn’t clear, establish a relationship he can exploit later? Anyway, Melo has a hilarious, sepia-tinged daydream about him that covers courtship, engagement, marriage and pregnancy, its awesome and sweet. I hope that she does this often when confronted with a good looking man because I hate to think she has really fallen for Kaan the snake. 


Ayfer is freaking out about Eda moving out and drags Melo out of work, she then spirals further and wonders if Eda could be pregnant. Ayfer finally gets in touch with Eda and asks about she and Serkan moving in together, Selin is sitting there with Eda and Eda says to Selin that I only told you and calls her a gossip. Because Selin is there Eda lies to her aunt and says yes we are moving in together and then hangs up. Selin heads inside to the office to congratulate Serkan with Eda scared because she hasn’t actually told Serkan any of this. She goes into Serkan’s office where it’s obvious that Selin has told Serkan about Eda ‘moving in’. Selin leaves and the two of them have another argument ending with each telling the other that they hate them. Sheesh. 


Serkan gets his father to agree to back his bid for the contract, his father says no, it’s too risky but Serkan says if he goes bankrupt he will come work for him, this is Alptekin fondest wish so he signs the papers. As Serkan gets tohis house Safie is there and tells him everything is neat and tidy now, Serkan thanks him for his work but Safie says it was Eda who took care of everything, that she is stronger than she looks and that she must really appreciate Serkan. He looks chagrined at this because now he knows why she was late in the morning. 


Serkan comes to her house in the evening and they take Sirius out for a walk. Eda is still mad and he sort of apologizes to her and says that he just doesn’t want people to get close to him, it’s just the way he is but he was rude to her. She says she understands, she told him not to touch her, (and how is that going btw) and he doesn’t want her to get into his soul, an interesting way of putting it although I’m probably missing the correct translation. She asks what he wants from him and he replies there are doing this for one reason for Selin and the fact that Selin is jealous of Eda. Eda asks what he loves about Selin and he hesitates and then says her mind. Eda scoffs and says how romantic, Serkan says that Selin has no flaws, she is perfect. Eda wants to know why a perfect woman would be jealous of her, Serkan is grinning at this point and says there’s lots to be jealous of with Eda and she fishes for a compliment but he doesn’t bite but does smile at her. They head back to Eda’s and she tell him she will keep her distance, they don’t have to spend time together alone, and he doesn’t have to pick her up in the morning anymore. He says okay. They part with some longing looks. 


Selin with Ferit hatches a plot to get invited to dinner at Serkan and Eda’s place. Stupid woman doesn’t realized that with her machinations she is forcing Serkan and Eda to spend more time together than they would have. I don’t know what her goal is other than to make Eda miserable. Perfect woman, my ass.


The next morning Serkan shows up to pick up Eda and she says I thought you weren’t going to do this anymore but he says it’s part of their deal. She has been drawing and he admired them and says that drawing good practice for a landscape architect. They drive into work together and she puts down the roof of the convertible and picks an upbeat song to listen to in the car, she dances around and he is smiling so much that his dimples are showing, a first I think. 


They get to the office where Engin and Pyril are freaking out thinking that today is the day they go bankrupt. Melo gets fired and goes out for lunch to celebrate with Ceren and Fifi where it happens that Selin and Serkan are having lunch, Selin is grilling him about all the changes he is making and that he isn’t the same Serkan anymore, he says that he hasn’t changed and she shouldn’t worry about him. The girls are convinced that Serkan is cheating on Eda and are freaking out, they make a plan to disembowel Serkan.


Serkan and Selin arrive back at the office as Eda sees, and then Serkan’s dad arrives to wait for the results of the bid for the contract, he’s thinking today is the day his son joins his company. Serkan has sent a lawyer to the meeting and they call with the results that Kaan has won the bid for the contract, coming in with a lower bid than Serkan. Serkan starts to laugh and his friends think he’s lost it, he asks Leyla to get their accountant Ahmet to come in and when he does Serkan tell him that he is fired. Serkan never planned on winning the bid, he did it to out Ahmet as a spy who was funnelling information to Kaan. Engin is elated, Pyril seems incapable of being happy and his dad looks impressed. As they are congratulating him Serkan looks out at the main office to a smiling Eda and he has a very fond look on his face. He tells Leyla to tell the company that they can take the day off. Kaan hears the news that he has been duped and trashes his office. Pyril, who has agreed to be a spy for Serkan’s mother calls to tell her that Eda has picked out some truly ugly fabric colours for Serkan’s house. 


The ending is Eda coming in to ask if she can also go for the day and Serkan says sure, she congratulates him and tells him he looks happy, he says he feels good and I have to wonder if this is unusual for him, and she says she feels good too, that their ‘distance’ is working well and he agrees. What distance? Eda’s phone rings and it’s Melo she is freaking out and needs to see Eda, Eda says she will be right there. One second later her phone rings again and it’s Aydan demanding to see Eda right away, she hangs up and Serkan asks why his mother is yelling at Eda, before she can really answer the phone rings a third time and it’s Selin. We don’t hear what she say either but Eda has a panicked look on her face as she frantically shakes her head at Serkan and then collapses into his arms, and that’s the end of the episode. 


Another amazing episode where we see the Jeckyl and Hyde sides to Serkan, who is hiding a lot of trauma I think, but we also see that Eda will not put up with his mistreating her. Selin is showing her nasty side but it might actually serve to have Serkan and Eda spend even more time together, especially if they have to pretend to be living together. There are lots of unanswered questions, what is up with Serkan’s parents, why is Pyril so strange, she is like a robot, does Serkan really love Selin, what is the family history of Eda? We will be tuning in to find out the answers in this most compelling of summer romances. 

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