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Sadakatsiz: Season 1, Episode 9 & 10 Recaps


Two years after the incident and the divorce. What is happening to Aysa and Volkan? Will they forget the past?

This is what you missed on episodes 9 and 10 of Sadakatsiz. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Will we both forget about the past?


After the incident, Volkan was taken to the police station. He has lost everything, his job, employees, investors, building, and including Ali's custody. He decided to go to America with Derin and start everything new there.

In Tekirdağ, Asya enjoys her new life. She is now the Chief Physician at her hospital. While having a seminar Asya meets with Gönül Hanim. There, she invites all of the attendance to the arrival party of Volkan and Derin from America, except Asya.

At Ali's school, his friends mention that his father is a very successful architecture. They saw him on TV and watching a basketball match with all the famous people in the U.S. Ali ignored them and while walking someone called Ali's name. When Ali turned around he saw Volkan standing in front of him. Volkan then hugged him and invited him to eat.

At the restaurant, Volkan mentions how much he misses Ali and wishes to be reunited with him. He invites him to the party and promises to introduce him to his new step-sister, Zeynep. Volkan apologized for leaving Ali alone in Tekirdağ, but Ali said he was not alone because he had Asya who always with him.

Volkan took Ali home. There, he met Asya. She asked why did he come back to Tekirdağ, he said that there are some unresolved problems he needs to take care of. He also mentions the party and asked Asya not to prevent Ali to go to the party.

At night, Asya is preparing Ali's clothing for the party, but Ali said that he is not going to the party. Instead, he's planning to go to the cinema with Seren. Asya insists him to go to the party if he wants to and promises not to get angry, but Ali refused.

After going to the cinema, Ali and Seren were stopped by Volkan. He asked him to come to the party. After a long discussion, Ali finally agreed. Volkan also promised he will tell Asya.

Everyone in the hospital went to the party except Asya and Turgay so they decided to have dinner together. After ordering, Asya got a message from Volkan showing that Ali is at the party with them. Asya got angry and tries to call Volkan and Ali, but they cannot be reached. Then Asya decided to go to the party and  Turgay will take her.

At the party, Volkan and Derin busy welcoming everyone. Derya, Bahar, Mert, Hakan Bey, Serep - probably everyone in Tekirdağ - went to the party. While Volkan delivered his speech Asya and Turgay came. Everyone is shocked to see Asya there. Volkan and Derin walk up to her. Derin said that every guest at the party must have an invitation, but unfortunately, Asya doesn't have an invitation so she has to leave the party. But Derin was wrong, Asya did have the invitation, Asya showed her the invitation which title: 'Asya Arslan'. Derin felt angry and humiliated she then leaves them.

Derya apologized to Asya for attending the party, but Asya couldn't care less. He asked where is Ali and Derya said he saw Ali went upstairs so Asya looks for him. On the second floor, Asya entered the main room. There she saw Derin's closet which a lot of stuff such as clothes, perfume, and many other items were the same as what she had while she was with Volkan.

Derin is back at the party. She was looking for Volkan but he's nowhere to found and so is Asya. Volkan went upstairs and met Asya. He's bragging about how successful and happy he is. Then Derin came and see them together. Asya went downstairs looking for Ali. Outside, she saw Ali having a fight with Demir - Derin's brother - but Asya stopped them and asked Ali to go home with her. Unfortunately, he forgot his bag, and Asya back inside to take his bag. Derin looks at her and said in front of everybody that the door of their house is always open for her and she can come every time she wants even without an invitation.

At home, Ali blames Asya for being at the party and said that she's humiliated him. But Asya said she had no choice to came to the party because he did not answer his phone. Ali ignored her and went to his room.

The next morning, Volkan went to Asya's house to see Ali, but Asya was not happy to see him. Volkan invited Ali to have breakfast with him, but unfortunately, he already has a plan to go to a horse farm with Asya and Turgay. While hearing Turgay's name being mention, Volkan asked who he is and Ali answered he's Asya's colleague and he likes him very much. After hearing this Volkan felt angry and jealous then he said goodbye to Ali, but instead of leaving he went to Asya's room and remember all the memories of her.

Asya, Turgay, and Ali are having breakfast at the horse farm, shortly after Volkan, Derin, and Zeynep came. Derin was very surprised to see them. While Turgay and Ali got on the horses, Asya went sightseeing and Volkan followed her. He asked who is Turgay and why she's been with him at the party and now in the horse farm. He is wondering if Asya did this to make him jealous but Asya laughed at it. While having a discussion Derin came and them being so close he called Volkan and he rushed to see her.

At night, Volkan, Halkan Bey, and Derya had dinner together. Volkan expressed his interest in making a donation to the hospital. But he asks Hakan Bey to remove Asya from her position as Physician Chief and as a replacement, Derya will fill her position.

At Asya's house, someone threw a stone to the window with a note saying: 'From now on you will have no sleep.' Asya cleans the mess but Ali still in a big shock. Scared, Ali calls Volkan and asks him to come home. Volkan saw the mess and helped Asya, but seeing his son got scared he offers him to stay at his house. Ali refused, instead, he asked him to stay with them.

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