MIPCOM 2023: Global Agency Debuts Hit Turkish Drama 'Another Love'


The streets of the Croisette were abuzz Wednesday, October 18, with the much-anticipated launch of "Another Love" (Bambaşka Biri), the new Turkish drama from Tims&B Productions, which tells the powerful story of an anchorman and a prosecutor drawn into an affair filled with passion and tension as they both seek to reveal the dark truth about a mysterious serial killer.

Global Agency, the official distributor of the series, launched the show with not one but two grand events attended by lead actors Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz, director Neslihan Yeşilyurt, as well as Tims&B's Timur Savcı and Burak Sağyaşar.

The day started with a press conference at the Majestic Hotel, where journalists from around the world asked about the not-so-typical yet intriguing Turkish drama.

When asked by a journalist from Argentina why the audience should watch Another Love, Deniz praised the show's realistic approach to storytelling and highlighted that having a series like Another Love, which delves into complex topics such as multiple personality disorder, broadcasted on traditional TV was an accomplishment in its own right.

On how they prepared for the respective roles in the series, Ercel, who plays the strong-willed prosecutor Leyla, stated that even before the series began filming, she worked tirelessly on her character, not only with the director of the series but also doing research at the Justice Palace (courthouse) to make sure she was doing right by her character. On the other hand, Deniz, who plays two characters, Doğan and Kenanstated that he worked on each character separately, tailoring down each character's emotions to the letter.

In response to a question about which language they would like to watch the series in, Deniz enthusiastically answered, "American English." Spanish and Italian were Erçel's top picks.

Asked by Dizilah what it was like to reunite on screen many years after their hit series, 'Aşk Laftan Anlamaz,' Ercel stated that she and Burak Deniz had stayed in touch over the years and hoped to find a good project that would allow them to reunite. When "Another Love" came along, the timing couldn't be more right. Anchoring her sentiments, Deniz added his two cents, stating that working with someone you know makes things much better, especially with the hours spent on set. 

Having received both positive and negative reviews for her work in the series, perhaps the most resounding response of all was Erçel's when asked about the impact of the feedback. A poised Ercel responded admirably using the character she portrays, Leyla. She said, "Leyla is a very strong woman, and women struggle a lot to overcome difficulties. I, too, have struggled a lot to overcome difficulties. Despite the criticism, we push ahead." When asked if the criticism makes her sad, she answered honestly with a "yes," but she also mentioned that she has been in the industry for over ten years, which demonstrates her dedication to her craft.

Following the press conference, Monte Carlo's Buddha Bar welcomed stars and delegates alike in what can only be described as an unforgettable highlight of the 2023 edition of MIPCOM. 

A special thanks to Izzet Pinto and the rest of the incredible team at Global Agency for the invite. For inquiries about Another Love, head over to https://www.theglobalagency.tv/another-love

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