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MIPCOM 2023: AcunMedya debuts new Turkish Drama, 'Enemy of Love'


This week at MIPCOM, the biggest international TV Market taking place in Cannes, France, AcunMedya debuted their forthcoming Turkish drama series, Enemy of Love.

The series, locally titled Aşka Düşman, is expected to premiere in Türkiye in November 2023, with an impressive cast led by Nazan Kesal, Buse Meral, Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu, Merve Nur Bengi, and Esra Ruşan.

The official synopsis for the series reads:

Love is nature's greatest gift to humankind... While some seek their other half to be complete, some open their hearts to re-love themselves through the eyes of the other... But what if the human turns to be the enemy of love? Uygar is a young surgeon who has closed his heart to love in the shadow of his childhood traumas. Inci on the other hand, is a young woman longing for love who tries to suppress and silence her heart with her mother Bahriye's teaching, "Men either break your bones or your heart." This story is the difficult journey of Inci and Uygar who forbid love to themselves for different reasons. As human beings run away from their greatest need, they become coldhearted, cruel, and even distant from themselves. The story will tell the journey of Inci and Uygar as they break free from the expected roles assigned to them and embraced by themselves, and they will be liberated by love. It will once again show us the magical power of love that turns a human to a person and encourage people to believe in the power of love...

Enemy of Love is directed by Mesude Erarslan and written by Eylem Canpolat and Ozan Aksungur.

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