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Netflix sets premiere date and reveals first look at 'Kuş Uçuşu'


Kuş Uçuşu (As The Crow Flies), the Netflix original series starring Birce Akalay and İbrahim Çelikkol is slated to premiere June 3. 

The 8-episode series, produced by Ay Yapım and written by Love 101’s Meric Acemi, tells a refreshing story about the clash between Gen X who still stands in decision-making positions in corporate life and the Gen Z who is strongly rising up.

While Gen X tries to keep up with adapting to the new world, social media, new ways of business, they still are not aware of the bigger picture. The gap and the differences between both generations are undeniably strong. In this backdrop, we'll follow Asli's (Miray Daner) story who tries to fly as the crow instead of relying on the merit of hard-work to be able to climb the stairs. The series will question whether Asli can win or lose with the methods of the new world, in order to reach the summit and be the most reputable person on the table.

Check our first-look photos below!

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