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Inter Medya to distribute GAIN's 'Like There Is No Tomorrow'


In the past month, Inter Medya, one of the leading distributors of Turkish series, announced a partnership with GAIN, the country's leading OTT platform, to take on the international distribution for GAIN's current and upcoming shows.

Of the shows, is the brand new mini-series LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW (Yarın Yokmuş Gibi), which premiered on GAIN in February.

Starring the internationally acclaimed Tuba Büyüküstün and Halit Ergenç, the series centers on the complex relationship between actress Manolya and experienced journalist Hakan after they meet for an interview. The series delves into deep conversations about fame, love, and relationships, revealing secrets the characters have never shared with anyone else before. Taking place in a single location over one night, LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW explores the dynamics of male-female relationships through meaningful dialogues and observations.

The four-episode series, directed by Zeynep Günay, further expands Inter Medya's mini-series lineup under the New Generation Turkish Series brand.

Inter Medya plans to present the series at the Series Mania Forum, at stand DH 9, from March 19-21, 2024.

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