Inter Medya-Chile’s MGE Co-Production 'Aşk ve Gurur' Launches At Content Americas


Late last year, Türkiye's Inter Medya, a pioneer in boundary-pushing co-production deals, announced it inked a deal with Chile’s MGE. The first fruit of that collaboration was officially announced on Jan 22, during Content Americas in Miami. 

The jointly-produced project by Yeşil Yapım, titled LOVE AND PRIDE (Aşk ve Gurur), has begun filming. Directed by Murat Şenoy, the series, featuring a young cast, revolves around a compelling story of love triangles and internal family conflicts.

The series follows the deep-rooted Köksoylar family, who live in an ancestral mansion and are on the verge of financial ruin. In a state of great panic, they contemplate how to escape the impending disaster when Tolga enters their lives like a savior. The family sees Tolga as a salvation plan, unaware that Tolga is also financially distressed, and sees marrying one of the Köksoylar daughters as his own salvation. Meanwhile, Gül, the middle daughter, passionately desires Tolga. As Tolga shifts his attention to Gül, they head towards marriage, yet his heart remains with Mercan. When Tolga and Mercan, overwhelmed by their pride, are ready to confront everyone, that's when things will get complicated.

Inter Medya will undertake the international distribution of the LOVE AND PRIDE series, brought to life through the partnership of MGE, Inter Medya, and Yeşil Yapım.

Can Okan, the Founder and CEO of Inter Medya, expressed his confidence in the project, stating, "LOVE AND PRIDE, executed with a wholly Turkish creative team and cast, encapsulates all the requisite elements for a co-production. It stands as a high-caliber production, embodying universal storytelling. We anticipate that this collaborative endeavor with MGE will attain significant global success. We thank MGE for embarking on this journey with us, and we hope to bring many more joint productions to life.’

Beatriz Cea Okan, the VP and Head of Sales and Acquisitions at Inter Medya, added, "We take pleasure in unveiling the global introduction of our co-production project LOVE AND PRIDE with MGE in Chile. At Inter Medya, we are delighted to continue our

co-production journey, which commenced pioneeringly in 2021, through our ongoing partnership with MGE. LOVE AND PRIDE emerges as a highly successful project, encompassing all the quintessential elements of Turkish drama, and meeting the expectations of the global audience for classic Turkish series. We extend heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved in bringing this project to fruition."

At MGE, we are thrilled to be part of this unique collaboration with Inter Medya on the LOVE AND PRIDE project. We firmly believe that this co-production, with its talented creative team and cast, will not only capture the essence of Turkish drama but also resonate globally. We appreciate Can Okan and the entire Inter Medya team for trusting in our company´s expertise, and we are committed to making this collaboration a lasting success. At MGE, we aspire to continue exploring opportunities together that enrich the global audiovisual landscape and strengthen cultural ties through compelling stories," added Esperanza Gaya, MGE´s CEO.

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