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FOX TV to Be Rebranded as NOW TV in Türkiye


FOX, one of Turkey's most watched and beloved channels with its series, movies, programs, and news, will soon meet its audience with the new name NOW. The channel will continue to maintain the strong bond it has established with its audience since 2007, preserving its broadcasting policies, values, and sensitivity without compromising any of them. It will also continue to bring Turkey's most watched, trusted, free, and unbiased news to its viewers through news bulletins.*

Cenk Soner, General Manager of The Walt Disney Company Turkey, shared the following about the name change: "FOX, which will continue its broadcast with the renewed name NOW, is one of Turkey's most watched and beloved channels. Since 2007, we have always maintained our relationship with our viewers based on trust and sincerity. In this process, which can be described as a rebranding of FOX where only the name has changed, we will continue to bring our viewers together with the content they love while preserving our broadcasting policy and remaining loyal to the values we adhere to."


In 2019, The Walt Disney Company signed a comprehensive acquisition agreement covering the international broadcasts of the FOX channel. Following this, the day for the channel to change its name approached. It is emphasized that there will be no changes in content and broadcasting policies during this process, and the change will be limited to the channel's name only.

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