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FOX's 'Sen Çal Kapımı' Sets Season 2 Premiere Date


Sen Çal Kapımı is returning to make this summer as memorable as it did the last. After much teasing, the trailer for the second season of Sen Çal Kapımı dropped to much fanfare today, revealing the show's highly-anticipated second season will return Wednesday, June 9. The first season concluded with 39 episodes on April 6.

Reminiscent of the first-ever trailer released for the show, the new minute-long new trailer, filmed earlier this week, seemingly teases a time-jump (rumored to be 5 years), as it shows Eda (Hande Erçel) and Serkan (Kerem Bürsin) fronted by blinding lights (paparazzi) as they answer questions about their lives and careers. 

"As you know, my work is my everything," Serkan says, as he is interrupted by Eda in a stunning yellow outfit, who rebottles, saying: "i love my job, but there are other prizes in my life." 

Perhaps the most heart-stomping part of the trailer was hearing a little girl call out to Eda at the very end. "Anne... is this man my father?," she questioned.

What could that possibly mean? *gasps*   

Per information shared on socials, the original screenwriter of the show, Ayşe Üner Kutlu, is set to return to write for the second season. She is joined by new writers: Deniz Gürlek and Melek Seven.

Watch the new trailer below or click here to watch it on YouTube!

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