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'Bahar' Review: Show TV Drama Is A Much Needed Breath of Fresh Air


From action-packed dramas to period epics, this season has had a versatile selection of Turkish dramas to choose from. And with only a few weeks left till the season wraps, Show TV debuted exactly what the season was missing and arguably one of the season’s best.

Dikkat, this review contains spoilers for Episode 1 and Episode 2 of Bahar.

Bahar, a Turkish remake of the much-loved South Korean series Doctor Cha, follows the story of the titular character, played by the incredible Demet Evgar, a stay-at-home mom of two who, since getting pregnant during her school years, has devoted her life to catering for her family. In the first few minutes of the series, it is made clear that Bahar loves her family, and she will do anything for them despite their ungratefulness and sometimes downright disrespectfulness.

Bahar has reached her limits, just like anyone else would, but unfortunately for her, she’s short of options as she never got to complete all the steps required to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor, like her good-for-nothing, unfaithful spouse, Timur (Mehmet Yılmaz Ak).

One day, as Bahar is once again putting her family’s needs ahead of her, she passes out and soon after learns that she is in need of a transplant. After a round of tests, her husband turns out to be the perfect match, but he is anything but perfect as the only thing he has to offer Bahar, the same Bahar, who has been at his beck and call for over 20 years, is a whole lot of nothing. With his mother echoing his foolishness, Timur does everything he can to get away from saving the life of the mother of his children. Listening to his many excuses is particularly enraging because if the tables were turned, Bahar would jump at the opportunity to save his life.

As Bahar languishes in the hospital at death's door, a last-minute miracle by way of a doctor named Evren (Buğra Gülsoy) saves her life, the first time in nearly 20 years someone has gone to bat for her.

Bahar opens her eyes post-surgery with a new lease on life, and in Episode 2, we embark on a journey of self-discovery with her as she reinvests her long-neglected self. In a tragicomic turn of events, Bahar leaves everyone to fend for themselves, and in only day one of doing, they each come to realize how pivotal her role in the household was.

Now with more time on her hands, Bahar sets out to get her life back on track, and her first line of business is kickstarting her career in medicine as soon as possible. Yet again, Timur wastes no time in revealing his true colors, discouraging Bahar from pursuing her dream by serving her a perfectly concocted plate of BS, sprinkled with some gaslighting and ageism. But things are different this time because post-surgery Bahar has something to prove, and, as a very wise man once said, a woman scorned…

Being out of the field for over 20 years did not stop Bahar from absolutely smashing the entrance exam she needed to become a medical assistant at the prestigious hospital her husband works out. And despite the obstacles put in her way by her husband and his mistress, a determined Bahar once again crawls her way to the top, but if history has taught us anything, the road ahead will for sure be a bumpy one.

A much-needed breath of fresh air this season, Bahar serves as a poignant and stirring reminder of the excessive expectations placed upon women in society, particularly mothers, who are expected to do everything and asked to expect nothing in return. In just two episodes, the good-hearted show has reconnected viewers with hope and excitement for the future.

While the series is a remake, the Turkish approach to storytelling and characterization seamlessly blends a certain level of real-world relatability that serves up a sweat treat with a little bit of something for everyone. Demet Evgar excels as Bahar, and in her honest portrayal of the character, she adds another gold star to her already glistering repertoire.

While Bahar, which is already a hit in Türkiye, is still in its early days, it definitely shows promise, and as a viewer, there will be no better feeling than tuning in every week to see Bahar rise on top, against all odds.

If this one isn’t on your watchlist yet, knowing that you’re very much missing out on something special 🌸

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