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After Ali Riza shoots Fuat and is taken away by the Old Man’s men, Burak rushes to check on Fuat but realizes he’s dead.     In the meantime, Halide is being questioned by the police for Fuat’s murder.  She denies it and demands her lawyer but the police investigator tells her they have proof that she shot him and produce the gun she used when she shot him.  They use scare tactics to get her to talk about the underground war they claim her father is controlling that has taken the lives of Şeymuz, Galip, and Fuat, however, Halide continues to deny knowledge and demands her lawyer.  The police attempt to use Ali Riza against her by alleging they both worked together to kill Fuat, but Halide knows better and remains quiet throughout their interrogation.  

When Ali Riza wakes up, he finds himself in an unfamiliar location where he meets Safir, the Old Man’s right-hand.  He asks about Fuat and the motives that led him to kill him even though he had received orders to step away.  Ali Riza justifies his actions by saying he acted within the scope of his duties as the sword for the consortium since Fuat didn’t follow the rules of the agreement, however, Safir doesn’t believe him.  He demands to know what Fuat told him before killing him, but Ali Riza lies and says Fuat asked him to forgive Burak.  Safir realizes Ali Riza is lying so he injects him with “poison” to get him to confess and shows him videos that display all his loved ones including the taxi stop, his house, Mert and Halide.  Safir promises to kill them all if he doesn’t confess, so ultimately Ali Riza says Fuat told him about Adem Zeyrek who was his associate, and directed him to his safe where he has proof of their association that will explain everything.  Satisfied, Safir removes the injection which turns out to be a harmless sedative, and demands Ali Riza find and bring Adem Zeyrek within 48 hours.  When Ali Riza asks why he wants him to do it, Safir reminds him of his duty as the consortium’s sword and therefore he will also work for him. 

Burak takes Fuat’s body home to prepare for the funeral.  He tells Murat he was still alive when he arrived at the location Ali Riza gave him and witnessed him shoot and kill their father.  He blames himself for not arriving earlier and vows to find the person responsible for betraying them that caused their father's death.  At that moment, Mithat calls Burak to check if he got Fuat’s body which makes him angry, so Burak informs him what he witnessed and demands to know how he’s going to address it.  Mithat tells him he’ll investigate and will get back to him but reminds him about their agreement so he can’t retaliate in any way.  Burak says he also witnessed the Old Man’s men shoot Ali Riza who took him away.      

When Safir finally lets Ali Riza go, he immediately calls Muzaffer to demand he release Halide from jail.  Muzaffer tells him he didn’t follow through with his plan so now Halide is paying the price for his actions.  Ali Riza claims he had to kill Fuat before Burak arrived to take him, but Muzaffer claims Halide’s situation is out of his hands so Ali Riza warns him if he doesn’t release her, he will surrender himself.  When Ali Riza arrives at the police station, he assures Haşmet he’ll get Halide released by surrendering himself, however before he gets the opportunity to speak to the investigator, they get word that the prosecutor has released Halide.     

Later, Burak tells Fiko that Fuat warned him if their attack doesn’t go as planned, he asks him to find Adem Zeyrek who will tell him everything he needs to know so they set off to find him not knowing that it’s the same person that Ali Riza was also tasked to locate.  At the same time, Ali Riza meets with Hasan to tell him about his conversation with Fuat before he died.  He expresses his growing concern that somehow everything that has happened to him was meant to be now that his father’s name was added to the situation since Adem was his father’s contact when he worked for the CIA.

That evening, Ali Riza meets with Haşmet who’s having dinner with Mithat and Melek along with Halide.  They ask about the Old Man taking him away after he killed Fuat, so Ali Riza tells them he didn’t see the Old Man but instead met Safir, who questioned him about Fuat’s secrets but released him after he realized Ali Riza didn’t have any information.  He omits the truth including the mission they asked of him to find Adem Zeyrek.  Melek voices her concerns about Murat and Burak’s continued involvement with the consortium after what Fuat did, but Haşmet tells them the Old Man gives them special treatment but refuses to elaborate.  Once Halide and Ali Riza are alone, he reminds her of the promise he made to her about spending time together alone and asks if she’s willing to go away with him the following day.  Halide is thrilled with the prospect of spending quality time with her beloved Ali Riza.      

After Fuat’s burial, Safir makes an appearance at the cemetery to give Burak a message from the Old Man.  They track down Ali Riza who is forced to speak with Burak and per the Old Man’s request, they have to call their feud a truce.  Ali Riza agrees but not before warning Burak he’ll adhere to the truce as long as he doesn’t bother him.  Burak acknowledges the great effort he’s had to make while having to face the person who took away his loved one and not being able to do anything about it.  He cautions Ali Riza a day will come when he will get his revenge for his father but Ali Riza laughs it off.  After Burak leaves, Safir reminds Ali Riza he has 24 hours to locate Adem Zeyrek and asks for the proof from Fuat’s safe.  Ali Riza tells him he doesn’t have it but he’ll get it when he finds Adem. 

Later, Ali Riza shows the car dealership he purchased to his family and asks Mert to manage it.  It’s going to double as his new meeting location to discuss business with Hasan, Ferit, and Ramcho when he needs their help during a mission.  They gather to view the video Ferit took from Fuat’s safe that shows Adem Zeyrek telling Fuat he wants him to kill Hasmet to prove his loyalty to Mehmet Emin, who turns out to be Ali Riza’s father.  Hasan warns Ali Riza to not worry until they get more information.

Ali Riza and Halide prepare to leave on their getaway trip.  He surprises her with a beautiful, secluded cabin in the mountains away from the drama as he promised.  They have a wonderful time making dinner and spend a very romantic evening together.  

In the morning, Ali Riza leaves before Halide wakes up to complete his mission for the Old Man. With the help of his friends, Ali Riza successfully takes over the cargo that was en route to Adem Zeyrek’s location.  When they arrive, they attack Adem’s men and during the shootout, Burak and Fiko arrive.  Burak claims the Old Man asked him to find Adem, which Ali Riza doesn’t believe.  After they capture Adem, Ali Riza asks about Alaban so Adem explains he’s the leader of an illegal operation but no one knows where to find him because he’s constantly moving.  Ali Riza asks Hasan to take Adem back to his place so they can get more information out of him but Burak attempts to claim him, however, Ali Riza calls his bluff knowing full well the Old Man would never ask him to do a job like that.  After successfully completing the mission, Ali Riza rushes back to Halide who’s still asleep.  They enjoy a nice breakfast together before heading back to reality.        

Mithat asks Melek to join him at a meeting with Burak and Murat but she refuses.  Mithat tells her he made an agreement with Murat that led to Fuat’s demise which causes Melek to figure out that Murat betrayed his family.  She reminds Mithat she wants to know about his plans every step of the way otherwise she will be his worst enemy, Mithat responds with the same warning to her and forces her to accompany him.  During the meeting, Mithat asks Murat what he thinks about Burak and Derya getting married, he says he approves giving them all the opportunity to have a fresh start.  Mithat tells him the marriage will also benefit him because soon after the wedding, he will have the chance to step down and allow Burak to take over as head of their family.  Melek takes that opportunity to drop a bombshell and informs Burak it was Murat who betrayed his family that caused his father’s death.   

After Ali Riza gets back in town, he questions Adem before turning him over to Safir.  He asks about Mehmet Emin, who he claims was his co-worker that worked as an assassin who never missed a target.  Ali Riza shows him a photo to ask if it’s the person he’s talking about and Adem confirms the identity.   At that moment, Ali Riza gets a call from Safir to let him know his time is up.  Ali Riza tells him he found Alaban and is on his way.  When Safir hangs up, Muzaffer is with him who tells him Ali Riza always does what he says so he doesn’t need to worry about him. 

Ms. Rukiya asks to meet with Muzaffer to discuss Ali Riza.  She’s concerned he’s not taking care of him like he promised he would.  She says he’s suffered too much lately and doesn’t want to sacrifice her son like she did her husband.  Muzaffer reminds her that Ali Riza was only entrusted to her.  

Ali Riza arrives at the location to find Alaban but before he gets a chance to search for him, he runs into Safir who tells him Alaban has already left.  Safir asks Ali Riza to follow him and ultimately comes face to face with the Old Man - who in actuality is a woman! 


What I Loved:

I loved the kitchen scene between Halide and Haşmet.  It’s great they finally got a happy scene because they’re such a joy to watch with their onscreen harmony that gives the sense of a genuine father-daughter relationship.  I also loved the emotional scene when Haşmet watched Halide and Ali Riza leave on their trip.  Even though he has accepted their relationship and trusts Ali Riza, it’s fair he wanted her to fall in love with another doctor and leave their world.  I understand his concerns of a father who knows if she ends up marrying Ali Riza, she will always be involved in the world that he has worked so hard to protect her from.  I also love how Melek has accepted Ali Riza and even supports his relationship with Halide.  I loved how she asked for his opinion during the dinner scene about Burak and Murat’s involvement in the consortium.  She has definitely changed from the beginning of the show where she had nothing but hatred for Haşmet.  I absolutely loved that Halide went to Ms. Rukiya to seek her approval for her relationship with Ali Riza even though she didn’t have to.  It showed the respect Halide has for Ms. Rukiya because deep down, Halide has her insecurities about how Ali Riza’s family feels towards her since she’s the cause of all the problems they’ve experienced.  And last, I loved all the lovely scenes between Halide and Ali Riza, especially their drive to the mountain cabin.  The song they played in the background was perfect and the scenery was beautiful.  I loved that our main couple finally got some major screen time with scenes that put them in normal couple situations who are in love.  Their getaway trip was perfect, especially the ending to their evening that included a steamy rendezvous.   

ArHal scenic drive ArHal at cabin
ArHal sexy time ArHal morning after

What I Disliked:

We knew Mithat was ruthless but how can he still want to marry off his only daughter to a crazed maniac for power?  He’s already the patron but yet he still wants more! Where are his principles?  Melek is a force to be reckoned with so I’m sure she will fight him every step of the way, so he doesn’t sacrifice their daughter.  Even in death, I dislike Fuat.  When Burak and Murat share memories of their childhood, it’s extremely disheartening when they describe their upbringing with Fuat constantly beating and punishing them.  I also disliked Burak trying to threaten Ali Riza for killing Fuat.  He’s such a hypocrite.  Although Burak recognized the pain Ali Riza has been feeling towards him now that he’s in the same situation, he has the audacity to warn him that he will eventually take his revenge for killing his father.  Please.  Ali Riza is waiting for the opportunity to take him out without getting in trouble with the consortium.      


Questions Left Unanswered:

After all the revelations in this episode, several questions were left unanswered.  Why did Ali Riza not tell Haşmet that Fuat told him the secret or the mission the Old Man gave him?  Is Ali Riza scared that some of the answers are going to lead back to his father?  Speaking of, what photo did Ali Riza show Adem?  Was it a photo of his father or Muzaffer?  Will Haşmet explain why the Old Man gives extra consideration to the Ersoylu’s?  What happened in the past that caused it?  What will Burak do with the revelation that Murat is the person who betrayed their family and eventually responsible for Fuat’s death?  Will it lead to a civil war between the brothers or will Burak use it as leverage to gain control of the family?  Will Mithat and Melek also become enemies for using that information to cause issues within the brothers?  And last, why was Ali Riza entrusted to the Altay family by Muzaffer?  Now that the Old Man has returned to Istanbul, will she be taking her place as Ali Riza’s mother and will he accept her?    


My Thoughts:

I’m so excited about the addition of Muharrem Ozcan, Nursel Köse, and Ruzkar Aksoy to the show.  I already love the Safir character played by Muharrem who had great onscreen interaction with Tolga Sarıtaş.  I look forward to seeing more of that.  Also, Ali Riza obviously has never gone on a trip with a woman before because if he did, he wouldn’t be surprised that Halide packed a suitcase for a day trip.  This is normal Ali Riza.  I was very surprised at the passionate and sizzling romantic scenes with our beloved Ali Riza and Halide.  I loved, loved, loved it!  The entire ArHal fandom went absolutely crazy at the unexpected scenes that were perfect and fabulous in every way.  The chemistry between Tolga Sarıtaş and Ayça Ayşin Turan was over the top! 

My favorite quote is from Ali Riza to Halide “You and me, we’re together.  As I promised, we will have a day, we will have a night.  I realized that this is the most important thing for me. “


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