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Ada Masalı: Season 1, Episode 10 Review



As Poyraz watches Haziran dance with Batu, he loses the courage to speak with her as well as give her the necklace he intended on giving her.  After Batu introduces himself to Poyraz, he leaves abruptly remembering the words his grandmother told him about Batu being Haziran’s greatest love.  Haziran follows him so she can explain the relationship she had with Batu, but Poyraz refuses to listen claiming that he doesn’t care but it’s obvious that he does.

When Zeynep meets with Batu, it doesn’t go well.  He reminds her that he came to the island at her request to take Haziran back to Istanbul, but she didn’t tell him about Poyraz.  Zeynep admits that she doesn’t want Haziran to date Poyraz, so Batu willingly agrees to break them up but wants something in return.  As he whispers his request, her facial expression indicates she may regret asking him for help.

While Haziran unwillingly has a chat with Batu, he reminds her that it’s her father’s anniversary of when he passed away.  She gets upset at herself for forgetting for the first time in 15 years.  Once Poyraz returns to the hotel, he notices Haziran’s mood, but she refuses to tell him her reasons.  Later that evening, Poyraz finds her on the beach, mad, throwing rocks into the water.  He asks her why she’s so angry, she explains that she’s mad at the sea for taking her father who never returned after going diving and left Haziran alone on their boat alone.  She apologizes to Poyraz for reminding him of his father who he also lost to the sea.  Seeing how upset she is, Poyraz tells her that he will help her overcome her fear and anger towards the sea by going into the water.  Haziran refuses but Poyraz continues to slowly guide her into the water for the first time in 15 years.  As they share a tender moment, Batu watches them from the pier.  Poyraz and Haziran stay at the beach until sunrise, cherishing the time they spent together until Poyraz suggests he take her home. Once they arrive, Haziran asks him if they will always be close, yet so far away, so he takes the step of getting closer to her as he kisses her cheek.

The next day, Poyraz invites Haziran with him to make a delivery to a beloved couple who run a restaurant on the island.  When they arrive, they find the couple arguing and threatening divorce because of a lie.  As they listen to their situation, the husband agrees that he made a mistake when he lied, so his wife punishes him by making him work the fields by himself.  Since Haziran took his side, she helps him.  Once they’re done and are ready to leave, Haziran asks Poyraz if he has forgiven her yet.  He did. 

Once they get back to town, Poyraz sees Idil crying and after checking on her, she tells him that she’s ill but doesn’t want anyone else to know.  He reluctantly agrees to keep her secret and to help her when needed.  Later, Poyraz returns to the hotel to see Haziran but instead runs into Batu who asks to speak with him.  He tells Poyraz that he’s aware of their tension because of Haziran so he assures him that his relationship with her was in the past and he’s happy for their relationship.  Poyraz refuses to talk to him about Haziran but when he attempts to leave, Batu tells him that she will make him very happy just like she made him happy insinuating that they had an intimate relationship.  Poyraz becomes infuriated and warns Batu to shut up but when he continues, he punches him unconscious.  At that moment, Haziran arrives to find Batu on the ground.   


What I Loved:

Gorkam’s mission in this episode was to find Selma a husband.  While on his search, he was trying to be incognito until he set his eyes on Fatih, the island vet.  I loved how he was trying to blend into the scenery during his search.  He sets them up but he becomes frustrated when the future couple is extremely nervous and has a silly conversation which leads to a dinner date.    

I loved watching the scenes between Poyraz and Haziran in this episode because Poyraz stopped being mean and rude to her.  It was very refreshing to see them in normal situations as they began to get close again.  My favorite scene was when they wrote down their wishes after seeing a falling star and promising to reveal them when the time is right.  I have a feeling the notes say Haziran and Poyraz.   


What I Disliked:

I disliked Melissa for finally making a move on Alper after Biricik confessed her true feelings to her about him.  Did Melissa kiss him now just because she knows there is someone else who is in love with him?  Biricik has been nothing but nice to her while trying to win her love and friendship.  If Alper responds to Melissa’s kiss, then he doesn’t deserve Biricik.       

I felt sorry for Idil as she sat by the beach after the wedding and realized that Poyraz will never look at her like he does Haziran.  I thought she had finally given up on him and was going to move on until she decided on deceiving Poyraz about having an illness to get his attention.  Her plan begins by lying to her doctor with fake symptoms and adjusts her lab report to make her appear sick. I think her storyline will become the “I’m dying and my last wish is to get married.”  And of course, she is going to want to marry Poyraz. 


My Thoughts:

I’m happy that Poyraz has finally forgiven Haziran so they can move on with their relationship.  I thought this episode was dramatic when Poyraz helped Haziran with her fear of the ocean.  It was also fun and romantic when they wrote down their wishes after seeing a falling star and staying on the beach until sunrise.  I absolutely loved them while they visited the elderly couple.  I felt like they could picture themselves being that couple in the future.   

The introduction of Batu was dramatic and I think the actor chosen is doing an excellent job in making the viewers dislike him immediately.  I think he will cause a lot of drama, not just for Haziran and Poyraz, but with other islanders too.  My first impression of Batu is he is a conniving and calculating person who annoys people from his constant talking.  I think he was playing the part of a nice and caring person when he walked around the island being nice to everyone so they wouldn’t think twice when he tests Poyraz’s short temper.

Last, I don’t understand the purpose of Batu’s meeting with the mayor.  He was sketchy and rude during their short discussion.  I think he plans on taking over the mayor’s position and is using Zeynep to help him in exchange for interfering between Poyraz and Haziran. 

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Dee Lo ~ Guest Contributor
I love Turkish dizis. Huge fan of Tolga Sarıtaş and Ayça Ayşin Turan.